Jessica Jung Is Now Signed With Tyler Kwon’s Coridel Entertainment

jessica jung adidas

In a move that will probably yield responses ranging from, “Of course” to “Of fucking course,” former SNSD member and Entertainer Bloodline Royalty Jessica Jung has signed with Coridel Entertainment, which is owned and operated by Tyler Kwon.

Jessica represents Coridel Entertainment’s most well-known signing by a long shot. Prior to Jessica, Coridel only had two other talents under its management – R&B singer Jeff Bernat and damn good new-ish girl group Playback, which were brought under the Coridel fold when the company merged with Clear Company last year. Unsurprisingly, Jessica is the first artist that Coridel has listed under “Artists” on its website.

Jessica is a multi-faceted artist who enjoys a vibrant career as a singer, actress, stage performer, model and designer. With multiple albums, singles and duets in her discography, Jessica has expanded her reach in the entertainment industry to include stage performance and acting roles. She launched her luxury fashion/beauty brand BLANC & ECLARE in 2014, officially cementing her role as fashionista of the entertainment world.

While the whole thing reeks of personal favors (although this is one of the rare cases where an artist is probably doing a favor for a label by signing with them), it shouldn’t be difficult for an agency to drum up interest for Jessica’s first solo project and her first foray into K-Pop since she was kicked out of SNSD back in 2014. With the album supposedly near completion, and a Korean label in place, all the pieces of a Jessica comeback appear to be falling into place. May the coming shade be as delicious and plentiful as a Jesus-blessed fish buffet.

At the very least, hopefully Jessica’s stature in the Korean entertainment scene will help raise Playback’s profile because I am a bit more invested in a Playback comeback than I am in a Jessica solo project at this point. (Unless that solo project is a series of hip-hop diss tracks aimed squarely at SM Entertainment and/or SNSD. In that case, I will get the popcorn ready.)



  1. I love that Jessica continues to exist, and winter is coming cuz the ice queen is back.

    1. I have a thousand #YASESLAYKWEEN posts ready to go (in my head).

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