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Another Muse Bites the Dust as Hyuna Graduates From Nine Muses

Weeeeeeeellllllllpppp. At this rate, Nine Muses may be better off calling itself The Muses or An Unspecified Number of Singing And Dancing Models because they are not going to get back to nine members at this rate. Star Empire has announced that Moon Hyuna, one of Nine Muses’ better singers and the second most tenured […]

TWICE Will Apparently Make A Comeback In October

Slow day for K-Pop news (as of this typing) so let’s just go with this delightfully vague report about a possible TWICE October surprise. It looks like there may be a music video of sorts in the works (potentially)(reportedly)(speculatively). Several representatives from the music industry claim that the rookie girl group have plans to return […]

MAMAMOO’s Reign of 2016 To Continue With “New York”

MAMAMOO’s incredibly charmed 2016 campaign is far from over. The group that brought everything from the year’s best self-diss track to the year’s best summer soundtrack (which they released in February, because MAMAMOO don’t play) is not done milking their spotlight for all it’s worth running circles around the genre. As is becoming routine for the group, while […]

Black Pink Has Already Filmed Another Music Video

Fresh off of the success of their debut music videos for “BOOMBAYAH” and “Whistle,” it doesn’t seem like Black Pink is going to be resting on their laurels any time soon. While a representative for YG Entertainment stressed that the group would “slowly” look to expand their brand to variety shows and other entertainment avenues, […]

MAMAMOO To Doubly Bless August With Two Sub-Unit Releases

As if this month hasn’t been blessed enough between a SPICA comeback and the debut of Black Pink, Mamamoo has decided to end August with the release of two (Yes, two!) tracks. Both will be sub-unit duets, one featuring the “Angel line” of Solar and Wheein and the other featuring the much more descriptively named […]

Reviewish: SPICA – “Secret Time” Is A Pretty Mild Time

Over my years extolling the virtues of SPICA, even I could see that the group’s discography featured similar magical positives and slight, but undeniable, flaws.The group’s visuals and vocals were always breathtaking but the group’s dedication to an older R&B sound and a lack of emphasis on hooks and pop riffs often left the group’s […]

SPICA Teaser For “Secret Time” Looks And Sounds Like A SPICA Teaser

Well, maybe this time, third fourth eighth ten billionth time’s the charm. Yesterday, SPICA dropped their music video teaser for “Secret Time” and it seems that the group is going with what has worked (relatively) for them in the past. Sure, that roller rink set looks as cheesy and cheap as something that a local […]