Rumor Mill: Jessica’s Solo Debut Could Coincide With Taeyeon’s, Tiffany’s And Yuri’s Solo Projects

taeyeon tiffany yuri jessica snsd

The potential for a sharp increase in sick shade, biting sarcasm and good old fashion verbal slams is deliciously within reach. And amazingly, the source may not be a new season of Game of Thrones or the Trumpening of the Republican Party. No, in speculation that I could have sworn was born out of some Sone’s fan fiction, there is a possibility that Jessica Jung’s upcoming solo debut could occur at the same time as Taeyeon’s, Tiffany’s and/or Yuri’s own solo effort. (If some deity has a sense of humor, Jessica’s comeback tour will ramble through all three rumored projects.)

Per allkpop:

Jessica, who recently signed with Coridel Entertainment, will likely be releasing her first solo album soon. During the same period, Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany, Taeyeon, and Yuri are also rumored to be scheduled to release solo albums.

The year is young and full of promise. Granted, there is a ton of speculation going on here. Jessica’s solo album has no definitive release date yet. Rumors of Taeyeon’s and Tiffany’s solo albums date back to last year but SM Entertainment has stated that nothing is set in stone for either member. Yuri’s supposed solo debut is a much more recent development and should probably be taken with a large grain of salt. Nevertheless, while she may have not been the most obvious non-TaeTiSeo member to be tapped for a solo project, there is little denying that Yuri has the, uh, immense talent and charisma to hold a stage by herself.

Given all of the moving pieces (remember, there are approximately no set dates for any of these promotions), it’s not clear if ANYTHING will happen at all.

However, if the stars align and Jessica’s solo debut is pitted against any SNSD member – and it might be smart for both sides to do this as a hypothetical grudge match between Jessica and Taeyeon/Tiffany/Yuri would likely devour every iota of publicity for weeks – it will likely provide more juicy story lines than your average WWE match. Take your pick.

– Return of the Ice Princess.

– The Jilted Lover vs. TaeNy.

– Wait, Yuri Is Getting A Solo Project Before Seohyun?

Four Juggernauts Enter, Everyone Else Looks To Move Their Comebacks To A New Date.

The Great Sone Civil War.

Jessica’s Solo Debut vs. Yuri’s Solo Debut: A Battle For Yellow Slug’s Heart.

Hopefully, this miracle of scheduling actually happens. The prospect of Jessica giving a backhanded thank you speech on a music show while Taeyeon, Tiffany or Yuri look on from the stage is too good for a benevolent god to pass up, right?



  1. JaySee · · Reply

    This doesn’t make any sense. Why would SM pit Taeyeon, Tiffany, and Yuri against each other?

    1. I think it would be a situation where they ran one after the other kind of like what SNSD did with the Party/Lion Heart/You Think comebacks.

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