Unconfirmed Nude Pics of Ailee Surface, Welcome to the Thunderdome of Clusterfuqs


UPDATE: Ailee’s Company has confirmed that the photos are her.

In news which apparently caused allkpop to crash, recent photos of a girl who looks a lot like Ailee have surfaced in which the girl in question is as nekkid as the day she was born.

In a world where IU can get into deep shit for daring to post a photo of herself being in physical contact with another K-Pop idol while fully clothed, this is obviously about as damaging as it gets (unfortunately). How someone attained these pictures and why they were leaked is anyone’s guess at this point. According to Daebak Koreans, her agency has this to say:

We’re currently checking to see if it’s her“.

Which is about the non-denial-iest non-denial that an agency could offer. Not a blatant “no” right off the bat? Even Kim Kwang Soo could have gotten that one.

Rightly or wrongly, this is the type of stuff that dooms K-Pop careers (the correct answer is wrongly if this is her. No one should have their private lives leaked to the public if it does no harm to the public and it does a lot of harm to that person). Hopefully, the girl is able to weather this storm as Ailee is one of the most talented vocalists that K-Pop has to offer in a landscape full of pretty, tone-deaf window dressing and it would be a shame if her career was derailed because of a scandal which, in the grand scheme of things, is nothing at all. Also, 98.54545654453242% of K-Pop is about selling sex, so the double standard that’s going to be applied here is going to be fantastic(-ally awful).

Lastly, whoever leaks pics like this is a shit head, but that goes without saying (I hope).

With that, gonna have to stan Ailee even harder now (if that’s even possible). USA! USA! USA!



  1. I’m not sure what to think of this, in a way I hope it’s not her but her company isn’t even trying to make me think otherwise so i’m not sure… She’s an amazing singer with so much talent it would really be a waste to see her career go down the drain because some dumbass leaked what should be super private photos.
    p.s omgee you read debakkoreans too,lol

    1. In an ideal world it wouldn’t matter, but that’s not the world we live in. She’s going to have to be a demigod to get through this if it really is her.

      1. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what happens, but it’s not gonna be pretty ><

      2. It’s definitely her. The evidence presented in this thread is conclusive:


  2. ” stan Ailee even harder now”

    harder might not be the appropriate in this situation yellowslug lol

    1. Dang it, didn’t even think of it like that. And considering me, that’s almost unbelievable.

  3. This may be the first time that seeing nude pictures of a hot female made me angry.

    We already knew that the guy who runs Allkpop is a slimy, immature piece of shit – but this is a new low. He knew what this would do to her career but chose to break this story anyways – despite her being a friend of the site (doing exclusive interviews, etc).

    Worse than that, allegedly the original leaker of these pics is a current employee of the site (an ex-boyfriend from when she lived in NJ).

    I think she’ll survive this because she’s American (K-netizens seem to have a double standard) but no matter what, this has harmed her career in Korea.

    If there is any justice, this story will harm Allkpop more than it does Ailee. I seriously hope this is the beginning of the end for them.

    1. To me, this just highlights the contradiction in goals of allkpop. Are you a “news” site or a kpop promotion site? Allkpop can’t have it both ways

      1. I do not understand what do you mean by contradiction. Why is it impossible to be both?

      2. Not all the time, but these conflicts show why you can’t be both all the time. A news site’s job is to be impartial and report what it thinks is news after fact checking etc. That’s part of what allkpop does, and it is their defense of why they published the story of Ailee’s photos.

        On the other hand, allkpop is also a K-Pop promotional site that does it’s best to advance K-Pop’s interests in the international market. It relies on access to K-Pop entertainment companies and their stars to give it legitimacy and when you decide to use that promotional advantage to help build an audience and then turn on those same sources who helped build you up in the first place, you’re gonna get some blowback that an actual news site wouldn’t.

        The relationship between allkpop and some of these artists is so closely intertwined that it becomes nigh impossible to be seen as a credible “news” source.

  4. Kpoptartsarebestpoptarts · · Reply

    After I got over my initial dismay and anger over this I think it’s going to be ok. I have seen lots of predictions that this or that scandal was going to end careers, but none of them have panned out. You mentioned IU, and her “scandal” didn’t seem to affect her recent comeback. In addition, Hyosung, Crayon Pop and most recently Min have all been pronounced dead by the “netizens” over this or that. Yet they all have somehow managed to live on. I know this situation differs quite a bit from all of those, but hopefully it will not be blown out of proportion by Ailee’s people and will soon fade away. If they and she handle it properly I think it will be allowed to pass without too much damage. Only time will tell, but I am cautiously optimistic that she will come out of this ok.

    1. With how the events have played out so far, yeah I think she’s going to be OK.

  5. Really mixed feelings on this one.
    On one hand I genuinely like Ailee and dont want her to be hated on.
    On the other hand she has a good body, so unf, I guess.
    If this doesn’t kill her maybe other american kpoptarts will be sexting? Sica, Tippany, Chocolat girls
    i’m thinking about.

  6. My support is with Ailee!

  7. What her ex bf did is called Revenge porn,and New Jersey has laws against this.She should seriously look into suing her ex bf as well as Allkpop.I don’t know if she will succeed with AKP,but i believe(I’m not a Lawyer)she has a case against her her ex bf.She as well as YMC should look into the revenge porn law in NJ.this would help her geatly

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