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  1. Lawliet · · Reply

    Can you do a review on CN Blue’s latest album ‘Can’t Stop’. I really like it better than SNSD’s and 2ne1’s album. They were too overshadowed by SNSD and 2ne’1s girl group war. lol thanks

  2. black soshi · · Reply

    You should check out Michelle Wie on Instagram. She isn’t kpop, but imo probably the perfect Korean female. Maybe you could throw her into SS once and again! I’ll inform you that I am a golfer, so I guess bias.

    1. Haha Michelle Wie rocks. Her twerking and drinking out of the US Open trophy made me an overnight fan. Interesting thought… I’ll have to check out her twitter I suppose.

  3. black soshi · · Reply

    Dude, Seohyun has instagram: seojuhyun_s. I hope there will be lots of awesomeness to come.

    1. I think you’ll be pleased with this week’s Selca Sunday.

  4. Hey I need to know. I know Minah’s the Visual and all but too many people don’t believe it. Could you tell me the source where this is confirmed. While you’re at it, the lead vocalist positions and the positions for all members would be nice too. Thanks.

  5. black soshi · · Reply

    Most addictive/best song of the year has to be RED! Stoked for the lists.

  6. charliexx · · Reply

    Hey, could you do a review on SHINee’s newest release: Married To The Music? Especially the music video. I think their concept this time was really original and fresh. Even though it was bordering on the line of creepy. Haha, thanks!

    1. I will try my best to do this on Monday! Always like SHINee’s concepts.

    2. Was pretty busy today. Will review SHINee tomorrow, promise.

    3. I don’t think I’m going to have time to do this this week so I’ll just leave my thoughts here. It’s incredibly good from video concept to the track itself (but I do love me some rich synths and funk-inspired beats). Will probably make my year-end “Best of” list.

  7. How did you feel about SISTAR’s latest comeback?

    1. Thought it was OK. I would have reviewed and said something to that extent but I didn’t have the time.

  8. Check out Wonder Girls appearance on Yoo Hee Yeols Sketchbook… they do the band concept more justice there on these two tracks:

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