So, It Seems That A Jessica Jung Solo Album Is In The Works

jessica jung high cut

After hinting  many moons ago that she had no plans to put down the microphone, former SNSD member and Blood God of Entertainment Jessica Jung recently revealed that she is working on an album of some sort in an interview for ‘High Cut.’

 She said, “I am working on a new album right now.” Regarding the date for her return to the music scene, she simply said, “Soon.”

soon gif

Polar Bear = Ice Princess. Seal = Life on Earth

And while I would bet a thousand farms that whatever Jessica ends up releasing will likely be a few pop fluff songs interspersed with some ballads (despite being a fairly nice singer and having a distinctive voice, Jessica has never struck me as a person who could expand her musically boundaries beyond those genres), I am holding out hope against hope that she tosses some juicy SM Entertainment shade in her album/promotions because no one throws shade like Jessica Jung.


In other news, the singer/model/actress/designer/businesswoman looked fantastic for her ‘High Cut’ shoot.

jessica jung high cut2

Now is a time for celebration. Our long, Sica-less cold spell is nearly over.




  1. Without Seohyun to wake her up and pester her to get her ass out of bed how Will Jessica ever get to the recording studio on time.

    Those pictures in High Cut certainly show that if Jessica can learn to act credibly, she can be a very successful actress with her looks. She has really expressive eyes which always stands out in her photo shoots and those can be a great tool for an actress.

    It would be nice to see Jessica work hard with a vocal coach to really get her singing polished and a producer who finds material that isn’t just the usual soloist pablum. Jessica can dance and as you said she has a nice distinctive voice. As you also pointed out she is notoriously lazy about some things which is a worry that she won’t really go for the brass ring. On the other hand, she will have a lot riding on a first solo album. A mediocre effort as a singer could squash future opportunities in that regard and even impact the ability to be cast in musicals which she has shown some promise at. Hopefully with so much riding on her success and likely wanting to drop a reminder that she was the other top singer in SNSD, she will bust her ass and not just settle.

    One thing that will be tough for Jessica as a soloist is she doesn’t have the depth and range of the top technical soloists like Ailee and Hyorin who can slay just about anything set on the stand in front of them in a studio and kill it live on stage. She doesn’t have the love that an IU has, and never seems to have had the ability to pour emotion into a song the way Taeyeon does. Taeyeon makes up for her technical limitations with that knack for seemingly truly feeling the emotion of a song. If Jessica could improve technically and make the audience believe she is really feeling a song, she could do well. She obviously has a fan base that is much bigger than the average girl group or former girl group soloist, so that should help her out even if her solo effort isn’t all that it could be.

  2. ary_prastiya · · Reply

    I hope she back to SNSD

    1. black soshi · · Reply

      Me too.

    2. Yes, it would be nice, but at this point the only way I see that happening is that if the group was disbanding and was holding a final concert in Seoul, and if Jessica is in a good place professionally (Blanc & Eclair is doing well, she’s had some solid solo releases, and she’s be working regularly as an actress on stage, TV, or film) and if Jessica came to view her being booted from the group as a blessing in disguise and maybe someone in the group that was close to Jessica in the past played peacemaker between the group and Jessica, then maybe at that final concert during the encore as the group emerged in silhouette or coming out of the stage floor folks suddenly realized that there were nine of them standing there. The crowd would go nuts and there wouldn’t be a dry eye in the place in all likelihood. Obviously though there are likely too many ifs there for that to happen.

      Alternately I could see Jessica not perform with the group at a last show, but be invited to come to the concert and step out as a surprise for a last bow with the group and say something nice to the fans. Mostly as a gesture by the group and Jessica for the fans. I think fans would really like some kind of gesture if this group ever does decide to hang it up that does give them a chance to say goodbye to Jessica too and I can see that even if the group and her aren’t on the best terms that maybe they make at least a small gesture for the fans and bury the knives and hatchets for at least a little while.

      Jessica seems to be happy with her life. She would have been gone from SNSD by now anyway based on the plans she had given the group. I think she was mad that she didn’t get to go out on her own terms, perhaps get to take a victory lap at some shows or fan events, and had the embarrassment of being kicked out of a group that had been part of her life for nearly half her life when you figure in her days as a trainee, but I think she isn’t really missing it. She’s admitted that she was planning to do one last album with the group and then resign, so she was clearly growing tired or bored with it and wanted to do something different.

      Of course, if Jessica released some music that was throwing shade at SM, SNSD, or a member, or she made some comments in an interview that were viewed as taking a jab at her former group and employer, there would be no chance. A lot will depend on whether Jessica handles things professionally in the intervening years.

  3. black soshi · · Reply

    Kill me Ice Princess

  4. Very pretty woman. And yeah, I’m hoping for some SM shade too. Would love to see a Sica song go head to head against a TaeTiSeo song on the music shows. That would fun.

    1. While that would be interesting, it would never happen. The second SM or whatever label Jessica ends up at got wind of a potential promotion overlap between Jessica and SNSD, TTS, or a member of SNSD flying solo, one or the other would shift their dates. That would be a lose-lose for both promoting at the same time as it would just reopen wounds and might actually end up hurting the sales of both letting someone else slip into the winner’s circle. Of course that is assuming that Jessica releases something in Korea. She didn’t specify whether her new album would be a Korean release or a perhaps a Mando-pop release in China. The chances are it would be a Korean release as she was speaking in a Korean magazine, but it is quite possible that she and her management decide that the safer path is to release something in China and gauge what the interest in it is from Korea before deciding whether to eventually release something in Korea.

  5. Kpoptartsarebestpoptarts · · Reply

    She was certainly not my favorite, but I have to admit I do miss her voice. It will be nice to hear her use her instrument again.

    1. She can use my instrument any time she would like, if the batteries in hers run out or something. 😉

    2. She was my bias in the group so I am sorta eager about what she wants to do now that she presumably has more control over her activities.

  6. I truly hope this happens.

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