Review: Brown Eyed Girls – “Warm Hole” Is, Well, Orgasmic


After much waiting and more than a few intriguing teasers, the Brown Eyed Girls have returned. While the group marked their triumphant comeback by releasing a couple music videos, I have decided to write about the one that excites me the most – “Warm Hole” – because it may be one of the most intelligent, fun and catchy music videos to be released in recent memory.

“Warm Hole” sounds perfectly, well, warm. The 50-ish retro horns and prominent use of an upbeat snare drum create a brisk and light track that sounds particularly delightful when paired with the exceedingly tongue-in-cheek lyrics and imagery. Small record scratches at specific moments help sell the beat as a throwback and they even help provide a moment of extreme levity during the instrumental break, when an “O” sound is utilized to pinpoint perfection. As fun as the music is, BEG kill the lyrics. MIryo may not get to slay a rap verse but her knowing swagger translates wonderfully in “Warm Hole” and the the lyrics “warm hire in the hole” are sung with such a strong, triumphant giddiness that it is next to impossible to not be swept up in the proceedings. Tracks like “Warm Hole” may not require the most technically gifted of vocalists to pull off but they do require singers who have a sense of theatricality and BEG never waver in their committed positivity, which is absolutely key in a song that is more or less (Ok, entirely) about celebrating female sexual pleasure.



The video is also incredibly conceptually solid. The retro sound of the track is convincingly brought to life in “Warm Hole” through a mixture of Brown Eyed Girls’ wardrobe choices and set pieces. The orange of the choreography set combined with the pastel-ish lighting and colors of BEGs bunny costumes (another solid throwback reference) helps create a “washed out” effect that makes those scenes appear like they come from the era of live Technicolor.

Praise be! Praise be!

Praise be! Praise be!

The choreography shots themselves are also handled very well. The camera often opts for quick pans and zooms rather than cuts, which allows the viewer to take in the members’ movements and steps in all their unabashed glory.

The non-choreography pieces are great as well. In case the lyrics weren’t blunt enough as to what the theme of the song is (Hint: It’s the vagina. During sex.), then the other set pieces should make that abundantly clear, whether it’s Ga’In’s worm-infested apple, JeA’s washing machine/tunnel or Miryo’s blender. Importantly, not a single moment of the video is wasted filler. The choreography shots all work because they are framed coherently and the dancing itself matches the incredibly fun and light atmosphere that the song creates. The “story” parts work both as a more modern contrast to the retro look of the dancing segments and as a way to visually sell the themes of the song in a delightfully barely-abstract way. Lastly, the members themselves sell the shit out of this. Ga-In, JeA, Miryo and Narsha (GOOD LORD NARSHA) look like they’re having the time of their lives as they sing exuberantly about warm holes and the group’s charisma is the glue that binds the whole enterprise together.

The Brown Eyed Girls is a rare group in pop that can make a positive song about sex and make it work from just about every angle. While sex is often portrayed as something thrilling or dangerous in pop music, it is rarely treated as something that is fun and physically pleasurable in its own right like it is here, especially coming from a group of four women. Much like Ga-In’s ode to masturbation “Bloom”, “Warm Hole” is a celebration of female sexual pleasure that escapes the trap of tying that pleasure to anyone or anything else (the only males who appear in “Warm Hole” are essentially robotic backup dancers) and that crucial abstraction (and symbolism) ensures that the sexual pleasure is praised for its own sake. Add in the fact that the Brown Eyed Girls are able to accomplish all of this with a knowing and winning video and you have one of the best MVs to be released this year.



  1. Pretty great song and video, but I’m seriously scared by whatever they’ve done to Narsha. It looks like they’ve given her eyebrow implants in a weird attempt at making her eyes look different? It’s easier to spot in her instagram photos, but still. Weird.

  2. The album BASIC is really good, Warm Hole, Brave New World, Obsession, the first one (which has no name in english that I know of) are really good songs !
    This album is definitely one of the best of the year for me 😀

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