Nine Muses Post The Most Low-Budget Comeback “Teasers” For Hyemi And Sojin


Individual member comeback teasers are never long and they’re usually just a couple quick shots of the performer standing/sitting/posing in whatever outfit most closely adheres to the comeback’s concept.

Like this:

However, for their November comeback (which is a thing that is happening, I guess), Nine Muses have come up with a new, innovative way to tease their latest project – by recording low-res snippets of the members having trouble sleeping in their beds (insert joke about idol sleeping schedules here).

Here’s Sojin’s:

And here’s Hyemi’s:


On the one hand, it’s hard for me to hate on this too much. After all, if Nine Muses had went with the more standard individual trailer route (like the Hyemi one for “Hurt Locker” that is at the top of this piece), I probably wouldn’t be writing about it. Still, on the other hand, what in Ambien’s name is this? If the goal of these… “spoilers” was to convey how hard it is to sleep due to the anticipation of a Nine Muses’ comeback, surely the group could have come up with a less arduous way of expressing that. If the comeback concept is actually a quasi-documentary centered around how little sleep the members of Nine Muses get on the regular, then I will happily take this all back (and openly wonder whether Star Empire Entertainment blew their entire Nine Muses budget on “Hurt Locker.”).

All this makes me think is, “Poor Hyemi, I feel your pain.” The struggle is real.





  1. it’s Star Empire Entertainment tho XD

  2. oh my why does hyemi resemble taeyeon in the banner pic? that’s a good thing.

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