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IU Lands On The Cover Of GQ Which Is Nice

Between the amount of press that IU has accumulated over her recent album release and the amazing “Twenty-Three” comeback, the incredibly  bizarre controversy surrounding the lyrics to one of her songs and her flawless takeover of magazine racks this December, it’s not surprising to find that GQ gave IU the nod for their upcoming monthly issue. The results are peak […]


Review: Nine Muses – “Sleepless Night” Is Only Slightly More Satisfying Than A Sleepless Night

Nine Muses’ newest single “Sleepless Night” may be one of the few songs that actually hits its conceptual mark too well. While “Sleepless Night” is a perfectly accessible Brave Brothers Production™, the comeback doesn’t really do enough to highlight Nine Muses which leaves the single feeling a bit unsatisfactory and fitful like a, sigh, sleepless […]

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Selca Sunday Is Hashtag-Blessed Hashtag-Good

Welcome to the latest edition of Selca Sunday, a weekly chronicle of the going-ons in K-Pop social media. In this week’s edition, SNSD went all out and brought out some friends with them. Without further ado: Fei of miss A: Nana of After School: Seolhyun of AOA: Yura of Girl’s Day: Hyemi of Nine Muses: […]


Nine Muses’ MV Teaser For “Can’t Sleep, Am Hungry” Looks Great, Sounds Better

Another day, another teaser for Nine Muses’ upcoming November comeback, the universally empathetically titled “Can’t Sleep, Am Hungry.” And if this teaser is representative for what Nine Muses and producer Brave Brothers has in store for the world come November 24th, this may be Christmas come early. Yes, the members looks amazing and the whole […]

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Bless Us All, Clara Lee Is Back

After a stupidly long contract dispute and drawn out lawsuit that ended up with her being vindicated, actress, fitness expert, singer, model and supposed master manipulator of beauty lists Clara Lee seems poised to finally return to the public spotlight that is so deservedly hers. In addition to reportedly having a couple movie offers on the table and […]

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Waifu Wednesday: Hyerin

Seo Hye Rin (better known as Hyerin) is a South Korean idol singer and dancer. She is best known for being a lead vocalist in K-Pop group EXID. Hyerin’s journey to becoming a member of EXID may not have been as long and winding as Solji – EXID’s main vocalist who joined the group at […]

exid hot pink

Review: EXID – “Hot Pink” Is Mildly Rigid

EXID hit it big with their 2014 viral-fueled hit “Up & Down” and it wasn’t surprising to see them follow that up the following year with “Up & Down”-lite “Ah Yeah.” Considering that both were pretty successful for the group (according to ~Wikipedia~ “Up & Down” peaked at No. 1 on the Gaon Chart while […]


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