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Waifu Wednesday: D.ana

K-Pop idol D.ana (real name unknown as far as I can tell) is a South Korean rapper. She is best known for being one of the most promising thing about relatively new K-Pop girl group Sonamoo. It’s hard to say much about D.ana as it’s pretty difficult to grasp just who she’s supposed to be […]


Hot And Successful Actor Lee Min Ho Is Dating Hot And Successful Singer Bae Suzy

In news that is somewhat timely given miss A’s comeback in a week, it has been confirmed that miss A’s Suzy, the Nation’s official First Love, is dating actor Lee Min Ho. Dispatch, as they are wont to do, reported the news that the two have been dating for a couple of months now. The […]

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Selca Sunday Is A Good And Cool Day

Welcome to the latest edition of Selca Sunday, where the selca industrial complex is mined for the best K-Pop related cell phone-ish photos of the week. In this week’s edition, Yura has joined Instagram, so let’s just celebrate and go with that one. Without further ado: Linzy and Cao Lu of FIESTAR:   Lizzy of […]

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Jia’s Teasers For ‘Colors’ Confirm That miss A Has No Mercy For Planet Earth

Although nothing can touch the perfection that is Fei’s ‘Colors’ teaser images, miss A has released Jia’s teasers and… I may need to chisel another tombstone for myself. Featuring her alternatively smiling confidently, looking pleasantly surprised and fashioning whatever expression this is: in a pinkish bedroom motif that will now forever be etched in mankind’s […]

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Selca Sunday: Where Melting May Occur

Welcome to the latest edition of Selca Sunday, where the best of the past week’s K-Pop social media selcas (or selfies if one is so inclined to use the inferior verbiage) are compiled for humanity’s worship. In this week’s edition, Wang Fei Fei descends from on-high to grace the internets with her presence. Without further ado: Nana […]

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Ga-In Releases MV Teaser For “Paradise Lost” Which Will Apparently Feature Nude Dudes

Judging by the not-so-subtle imagery and themes that Ga-In appears to be going for in this teaser, “Paradise Lost” looks to be a winner. If the story of Adam and Eve included images of Ga-in slithering on the floor like a snake (Ga-In as the embodiment of human knowledge/temptation is at once too apt and freaking […]

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Selca Sunday Rules The Weekly Roost

Welcome to the latest edition of Selca Sunday, where the best weekly superfluous selcas of the K-Pop world are compiled for the internet’s posterity. In this week’s edition, Hyuna slices through the heart with all the ease of a hot knife through melting ice cream. Without further ado: Soyu of SISTAR: Woori of Rainbow: Hyosung […]


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