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Waifu Wednesday: Solar

Kim Yong Sun (better known by her stage name Solar) is a South Korean idol singer. She is best known for being the leader and main vocalist of soul-filled K-Pop group Mamamoo. The run on Mamamoo waifus continues this week with Solar. While being the leader and main vocalist of any group is usually a […]

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Waifu Wednesday: Moonbyul

Moon Byul Yi (better known by her stage name Moonbyul) is a South Korean idol rapper and dancer. She is best known for being the main rapper and main dancer of K-Pop group-on-the-rise-if-there-is-a-wise-powerful-benevolent-deity Mamamoo. Admittedly, it’s hard for me to say much about Moonbyul considering that Mamamoo’s track record isn’t very long yet. What I […]


Review: Hyosung – “Into You” Is A Stunning Video With A Song That Can’t Keep Up

Apologies for not having this one done earlier (stupid cold). Without further ado, let’s jump into Hyosung’s much anticipated solo effort “Into You,” her┬ásolo followup to the musically average and visually astounding “Good-night Kiss.” “Into You” attempts to be a breezy summer pop jam but it too often strays towards “breezy” and never really attempts […]

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Selca Sunday Is The Internet’s Finest

Welcome to another edition of Selca Sunday, where the infinite abyss of social media is sorted through to provide you with the cream of the selca crop. In this week’s edition, Wang Fei Fei takes the sweet, sweet top spot and she-who-must-not-be-named gets smuggled in through the good graces of Jiyeon. Without further ado: Jiyeon […]

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Waifu Wednesday: Ayeon

Ayeon is a Korean pop singer and drummer. She is best known for being the hot drummer and leader of very hot band trio Bebop. Bepop is a relatively new band (they debuted last February) so I don’t know much about the group or their talented and unfairly hot drummer Ayeon. All I can say […]


Review: EXID – “Ah Yeah” Suffers From Sequel-itis

EXID has been enjoying their own unprecedented popularity as of late thanks to the viral resurgence of “Up & Down” and the internet’s love of Hani’s legs. With some momentum behind them, the group recently released “Ah Yeah,” the group’s first single since their belated-breakout hit. The good news? “Ah Yeah” is fairly reminiscent of […]

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Selca Sunday Is The Day Of Flawlessness

Welcome to yet another edition of Selca Sunday, where the never-ending abyss of social media selcas is distilled into one weekly post of goodness. In this week’s edition, Hyosung makes the prettiest flower look like a weed by comparison. Without further ado: Minah of Girl’s Day: Gyuri of KARA: Jaekyung of Rainbow: Jiyeon of T-ara: […]


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