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SNSD’s Sunny Thinks Hyoyeon Would be Great in a Musical (no, really)

Girls’ Generation’s (SNSD) Sunny recently lent her voice to ‘Rio 2′, presumably because she can sing and also sound like a cartoon character when she needs to, and SNSD’s resident aegyo master gave her views on what hidden talents her fellow members had. Oddly enough, Sunny mentioned that Hyoyeon would be a good choice for a […]

dahye bestie rawr

Waifu Wednesday: Dahye

Song Da Hye (better known as Dahye) is a South Korean idol. She is best known for being the main rapper and a vocalist in K-Pop group BESTie. Um, yeah that’s pretty much it. I could wax poetic about how Dahye is pretty much perfect, especially now that BESTie has had her shed the Raggedy Ann […]


KARA to hold reality show to choose two new members

In what seems like one last attempt to suck as much money out of the brand name as possible, KARA plans to hold  an “audtion-style documentary program” also known as a “reality TV show” in order to choose two new members to take the place of Nicole and Jiyoung in the group. Per allkpop, who claims […]

jessica jung weibo

Selca Sunday is the Truthiest Truth

Welcome to the latest edition of Selca Sunday, where all those superfluous articles of “K-Pop Star X Takes a Photo of Themselves” is condensed into one piece of awesomeness. In this edition, Jessica Jung gives no fucks about your camera. Without further ado: Wang Fei Fei of miss A: Sungah of Nine Muses: Jaekyung of Rainbow: […]

girls-day-comeback-feature something

Girl’s Day to Ditch Sexy Image for June Comeback and Why That Could be a Good Thing

After an initial mourning period, it can now be announced that Girl’s Day’s next comeback will not be a sexy concept. Dream T Entertainment dispelled any notion that the next Girl’s Day release would entail much butt wiggling or bladder clenching: Their agency DreamT Entertainment rep told several media outlets on the 10th, “Girl’s Day are preparing for […]

e-young cover after school

Waifu Wednesday: E-Young

Noh Lee Young (better known by her stage name E-Young) is a South Koran idol singer, dancer, composer and musician. If that sounds like an unfairly hot combo, it’s because it is one. E-Young is one of the more underrated K-Pop idols in a group that isn’t insanely popular to begin with. When an act […]

park gyuri goddess kara

Park Gyuri Holds Her Own Fan Meeting in Brazil because That’s What a Goddess Does

Although KARA looks to be heading into the homestretch of their careers, there’s no such thing as retirement for a goddess and Park Gyuri is proving that she has legions of followers everywhere. Recently, the Goddess of No Bullshit traveled to Brazil and announced that she would hold her own fan meeting that she would […]

What's better than Jessica Jung? Nine Jessica Jungs.

Selca Sunday is the sacred day

And we’re back with Selca Sunday, the latest compilation of some of the best that the social media gods of K-Pop had to offer this week. In this edition, Dahye continues to wreck everything and Jessica Jung understands the true power of nine. Without further ado, here’s stupidly pretty people taking pictures of themselves Selca […]

choa aoa yase cover

Waifu Wednesday: Park Choa

Park Choa is a South Korean idol singer, dancer and guitarist. She is best known for being the main vocalist and guitar player for Ace of Angels (AOA). The fact that Choa happens to play a musical instrument in addition to being ungodly pretty is the definition of unfair. Adding on to all of that, […]

crayon pop cover uhee

Review: Crayon Pop – “UH-EE” is a Convincing Case to Fly to Planet Crayon Pop

Is it even possible to review Crayon Pop by any reasonable standard? Isn’t part of the joy of the group the fact that they seem to defy every convention, as if the group were some science experiment done by a slacking alien teenager who got assigned Earth for some intergalactic science class report? Can an act […]


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