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hyuna instagram

Selca Sunday Is Life, Liberty And The Pursuit Of Happiness

Welcome to the latest edition of Selca Sunday, where the week’s best K-Pop related cell phone shots are consolidated and condensed for future generations to study. In this week’s edition, Hyuna had about ten different photos that could have qualified for the top spot so we’ll just go with this one. Without further ado: Dahye […]

stellar vibrato

Review: Stellar – “Vibrato” Is One Of The Summer’s More Solid Comebacks

The ironic thing about Stellar’s recent comeback “Vibrato” is that it’s actually a decent song that is destined to be forgotten thanks to a hilariously provocative, yet shrewdly smart, video. The single’s funky beat is not revolutionary but the mixture of guitar, strings and horns provide “Vibrato” with a classic energetic framework ripped right out […]

apink remember

Review: Apink – “Remember” Practically Begs To Be Forgotten

Summer comebacksĀ are starting to bleed together and Apink isn’t helping matters with their foray into the awfully stuffed July comeback calendar. The terribly ironic but all-too predictable aspect of Apink’s latest comeback “Remember” is just how unmemorable the whole comeback is as a song or a video. The production for “Remember” is largely and somewhat […]


Review: Goo Hara – “Choco Chip Cookies” Is The Good Kind Of Basic

Truth be told, there’s not a whole lot to review for Goddess Goo Hara’s debut solo effort “Choco Chip Cookies.” It’s fine and decent and that’s good enough. The song is actually a very smart choice for the Kara stalwart. Never known for her strong vocal presence, “Choco Chip Cookies” errs on the light and […]


A Pink’s “Remember” MV Teaser Goes All-In With Summer Concept

If you’ve been hankering for a summer concept that involves nice scenic beach scenes, bright blue skies and open fields of fun then may I direct you to about a billion summer K-Pop concepts that revolve around the same damn things A Pink’s teaser for their upcoming “Remember” comeback. I suppose the main takeaway from […]

sunny snsd

Selca Sunday Is Love, Selca Sunday Is Life

Welcome to the latest edition of Selca Sunday, where the week’s superfluous “K-Pop star X Posts Picture of Themselves on Social Media” posts are condensed into one much longer superfluous and much less SEO-friendly post. In this week’s edition, Sunny takes the top spot because of incredibly obvious reasons. Without further ado: Dahye of BESTie: […]

girls day ring my bell

Review: Girl’s Day – “Ring My Bell” Is All Over The Place, Going Nowhere Fast

As far as comebacks go, Girl’s Day has been remarkably solid since it was reduced to a four-member group back in 2012. “Don’t Forget Me” signaled a growing maturity in the group’s concept that the quartet would realize through its run of music videos “Expectation,” “Female President,” “Something,” “Darling” and “I Miss You.” With each […]


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