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Review: Shinhwa – “Sniper” Hits A Bullseye (I’m so sorry for this title)

It’s Friday, so let’s round out the week with a, gasp, boy group video. Or, to be more accurate, a man group video. To put it succinctly (and give you a TLDR version of this review right off the bat)”Sniper” is a video that allows Shinhwa’s to shine by getting out of the damn way and […]


Review: Rainbow – “Black Swan” Is A Little Scary, Plenty Sexy And The Group’s Best Comeback In Years

It’s been almost two years since Rainbow last had a comeback which is sort of impressive in its own right. The group has been around for awhile but has never really been one of the most popular groups in the genre, partly because it’s difficult to say what sort of identity Rainbow strives for (simply naming […]

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Selca Sunday Will Make The Week Fly By

Welcome to the latest edition of Selca Sunday, where the over-bloated “K-Pop star takes a photo” genre of the blogosphere is condensed into one weekly package. In this week’s edition, Wang Fei Fei, Hyuna and Jia basically make all my dreams come true. Without further ado: Woori of Rainbow: Linzy of FIESTAR: Luna and Amber of […]

rainbow black swan

Rainbow’s “Black Swan” Teaser Is Appropriately Bleak And Creepy

In preparation for their first comeback since 2013, still-kicking K-Pop group Rainbow has released a teaser for its “Black Swan” music video. Equally parts hot and creepy, “Black Swan” looks like it should have been made in October because good lord, slowly played piano, old-timey record effects and walls dripping black goop are the tropes […]

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Selca Sunday Is Where The Heart Is

Welcome to a post-Valentine’s Day edition of Selca Sunday, where an excess of heart signs is actually very much appreciated. In this week’s edition of the best that K-Pop social media had to offer over the past seven days, Taeyeon wished everyone a happy Valentine’s Day with four-selcas-in-one which is about as good a gift […]


Review: Amber – “Shake That Brass” Is Disappointingly And Bizarrely Dull

When the news first broke that Amber would be the first f(x) member to get a solo debut, the move made all the sense in the world. Amber stands out in K-Pop for a variety of reasons whether that be her looks, her nationality or her ethnic heritage. Her consistent choice of a boyish hair cut […]


Review: 4Minute – “Crazy” Is Straight Fire

After releasing a music video that was outside their usual MO in “Cold Rain,” 4Minute has now released their proper title track for their comeback, “Crazy.” And while “Cold Rain” may have been a ballad-like departure for the quintet, “Crazy” is a pure distillation of the 4Minute sound which also happens to rank among the […]


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