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Not-Even-Reviewish: MAMAMOO – “New York” Is Enjoyable Fodder

As a disclaimer, this post on MAMAMOO’s latest music video “New York” is going to be fairly short for a few reasons. First, your’s truly is feeling a tad under the weather (And cranky. This review MAY* end up reflecting that). Second, “New York” is a pre-release that has all the elements of an appetizer […]

Reviewish: Ga-In – “Carnival” Is A Thrill

There are not many guarantees in life, but a Ga-In music video is one of the few things in K-Pop that I go into with full confidence that it will be more than worth my time. “Carnival” is no exception to that rule. While these posts are usually either divided into discussing the song and […]

Reviewish: Red Velvet – “Russian Roulette” Is More Pop Than Bang

To Red Velvet’s credit, the group has never had anything approaching a bad music video. Somehow, while the group’s videos definitely have all the elements of SM Entertainment conservatism when it comes to music videos (almost eerily sterile sets and lighting, an adherence to dance-in-a-box that borders on fanatical), Red Velvet videos manage to stand […]

Not-Even-A-Review-Review: Brave Girls Show So Much, Uh, Charisma In “Yoo Hoo”

With next-to-no fanfare, Brave Brothers’ new-old girl group Brave Girls has released “Yoo Hoo,” a music video that needs no music to get its point across. Sure, this video is probably about two months too late to be seasonally relevant. Yes, the beat in “Yoo Hoo” is so basic and bland that if it were […]

Reviewish: CL – “Lifted” Cruises Just Below The Speed Limit

The CL International Solo Artist Experience has seemingly been stuck in IT’S JUST AROUND THE CORNER GUIYZ¬†status for years, (with several trial balloon tracks along the way, some good, some… not good) so by the time that CL dropped her American debut single “Lifted” on the world, it was not unlike learning of the Trump […]

Reviewish: Black Pink – “Whistle” Is The Other Song Of The Summer (And Year) (And Life)

Ok, the title for my review of Black Pink’s “BOOMBAYAH” may have been slightly clickbaity BUT only because “Whistle” is every bit as good as “BOOMBAYAH” even though “Whistle” can more accurately be described as Black Pink’s slow burn to “BOOMBAYAH”‘s flash fire. Unlike “BOOMBAYAH,” which did a better job highlighting the singing and rapping […]

Reviewish: Black Pink – “BOOMBAYAH” Is The Best Song Of The Summer

I don’t know how it happened, but YG Entertainment rookie group Black Pink just dropped a sledgehammer on K-Pop with “BOOMBAYAH.” (Hell, “Whistle” is pretty good too.) Everyone else is officially on notice. Where to even start. The music video’s relative weaknesses are fairly trivial. The sets and imagery aren’t particularly memorable and the over […]