Yellow Slug Spotlight: Brown Eyed Girls

Sometimes there is justice in the world. The Brown Eyed Girls, in pretty much any other alternative universe, would have faded away about three years ago. Their creation and pathway to success is about as unorthodox as Tim Tebow’s throwing motion (but unlike Tebow’s throwing motion, Brown Eyed Girls is good). The group was put together by their leader Jea. She recruited Miryo from the Korean rap circle and Narsha and Jea knew each other from high school. The three then added the incredibly sexy Ga-In after seeing her on one of Korea’s seemingly infinite talent shows. The newly formed quartet debuted in 2006 and enjoyed middling success as an RnB group, mostly with critics but not the commercial success that usually allows groups to continue. In a move that demonstrates how stupidly versatile and talented they are, the Brown Eyed Girls completely reinvented their image from RnB to mature provocative pop with ‘Abracadabra’ and ‘Sign’. It was one of the rare times where the group’s maturity (Jea, Narsha and Miryo are in their early thirties while Ga-In is the baby at 25) worked in their favor as they weren’t immediately lambasted and killed for daring to be sexual like their younger brethren would have been. Hitting their stride, the group has continued to release daring, great pop music that continues to push the boundaries of K-Pop, an admittedly easy hurdle but one that the Brown Eyed Girls do with panache and professionalism. Each member has various solo projects and they all reflect the best of the flagship group. They ain’t no fluke. The Brown Eyed Girls have now been reigning over the K-Pop scene for six years, aging like a fine wine, getting stronger and stronger as younger, more hyped groups with their annoying aegyo and boring factory churned concepts go by the wayside. Yes, thankfully sometimes there is justice in the world, and the Brown Eyed Girls fearlessness in the face of a cookie cutter industry should make everyone else take note. They good y’all.

Hai there, making y’all look like amateur hour


The stealth assassin of K-Pop

Jea is the Brown Eyed Girls leader and main vocalist. She is, without a doubt, a powerhouse whose lungs I would describe as Wonder Womanesque. She may not get the media attention that Narsha and Ga-In enjoy, and she does not stand out in the group like Miryo does, but she is the brain child of the group and the glue which holds everything together. It is rare for a leader to be underrated (most are overrated), but then again the Brown Eyed Girls are a rarity and Jea is not an exception to that rule.


It’s all fun and games until you get Narshed.

The funny adult-dol of the group, Narsha has made a niche for herself by being the Brown Eyed Girls variety show unofficial representative. Her time on ‘Heroes’ and ‘Invincible Youth’ demonstrate a quick wit and charm that are only matched by her deceptive vocal prowess and range. In a more average girl group, she would be a star instead of a great singer among great singers. When given the spotlight, she shines and at the end of the day, that’s what matters.


Playin chess while everyone else is playin checkers

Miryo is the Brown Eyed Girls rapper. And by rapper, I don’t mean K-Pop rapper, the position traditionally reserved for “that pretty girl who can’t sing but damn do we want her on stage”. Miryo is the real deal. She spits with the best of them, guy or girl, making everyone from CL, and G-Dragon, down the line to Nicole and Nana look silly by comparison. A pro’s pro, Miryo has consistently shown that she doesn’t give a shit about being an idol, prefering to mine her trade as a rapper, and we are all better off for it. A woman amongst girls, and a rapper amongst “rappers”.


Slaughters guys with a glance

Ga-In is Brown Eyed Girls third vocalist. She is impossible to miss on stage, carrying a presence that seems like she was born for the cameras. She is sexy in a way that Hyori Lee, Hyuna and their ilk wish they could be; daring, confident and dismissive of slobbering fools’ bullshit. Her striking eyes and features are signatures to be sure, but it would be a mistake to think that’s all she brings to the table. Ga-In is as talented as she is sexy and the quicker people recognize that, the better off they are, as Ga-In is not the type to suffer idiots.

Song to check out first: Abracadabra

The song that launched Brown Eyed Girls reinvention may not showcase their talents as vocalists (in fact its almost impossible to replicate live) but the video showcases what else makes the Brown Eyed Girls great. Dark, grungy concepts, daring choreography and fearless, flawless adaptation are all hallmarks of the group which made ‘Abracadabra’, and by extension the Brown Eyed Girls, a hit. The hip dance may have had the most immediate impact on the group’s resurgence, but it was the group’s willingness to experiment with other genres that has had the most lasting positive impact.

Honorable mentions to check out later: Sixth Sense, One Summer Night, Sign, Cleansing Cream.

So talented, it’s not really fair.


  1. I love Brown Eyed Girls!!!! They are like my ultimate bias when it comes to talent and sheer awesomeness!!!

    1. Sheer awesomeness is the best way to describe them. Kick ass is just behind that.

  2. Rotchan · · Reply

    i agree with everything here. they have everything like sounds same in live.. they never do lip-sync except the abracadara. they just have this great vocals. whatever image they show now, doesn’t matter. They just rocks!

    1. Yeah, they pretty much rock my socks in all directions.

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