Waifu Wednesday: Seolhyun

seolhyun gq ww

Kim Seolhyun, better known by her stage name Seolhyun, is a South Korean idol singer, dancer and actress. She is best known for being the internet’s favorite thing about K-Pop girl group Ace of Angels (AOA).

A Seolhyun Waifu Wednesday was inevitable at some point which is what also, paradoxically, makes it a bit less fun. One can just look at Seolhyun and the first thought that comes to mind is “K-Pop idol”, even if one doesn’t know exactly who she is.  It makes Seolhyun, on the one hand, an almost impossible ideal and on the other hand, a little expected (much like Suzy). Her looks are almost too perfect. However, there is no denying that Seolhyun is an absolute star and one of the prominent reasons why AOA is always worth getting excited about. A Seolhyun post may be as inevitable as the rising sun but this is the type of inevitability worth celebrating.


Seolhyun is so perfect, it is impossible to grade what she does on a curve.

Yes, ma'am.

Yes, ma’am.

Seolhyn’s beauty is so real that it has it’s own section in non-fiction.

The Fab One.

The Fab One.

Seolhyun can dance with such grace that she makes the wind feels rough.

There are words to describe this but they escape me forever.

There are words to describe this but they escape me forever.

Seolhyun is what happens when the gods feel generous.

Just... just... I can't.

Just… just… I can’t.

Seolhyun’s sexiness could burn a hole in diamond.

So hot, she can barely take it.

So hot, she can barely take it.


feels dolphin




  1. Yes finally! Seolhyun is sucha sweethearr and many of your description rings true (as always). Would be excited for a hyejedong and Mina waifu too ♡ Yellowslug u rock

  2. i demand Boram now. Justice for Boram.

    1. Never. That is justice.

  3. Yup, AOA’s resident rump-shaker is so hot it’s almost ridiculous. Personally, I think Hyejeong is prettier but Seolhyun looks like she’s made to be on magazine covers, as evidenced in pictorials by Buckaroo, CeCi, Esquire & that jaw dropping GQ shot above.
    Speaking of AOA ladies looking incredible, have you seen Choa’s promotional poster for the Zorro musical? Died and gone to K-Pop heaven:

    P.S. Justice for Boram!

    1. Choa pulled out of the Zorro musical for personal reasons.

      1. Oh, it’s the musical’s loss. Awesome promo photo, nevertheless.

  4. black soshi · · Reply

    Flabbergasted. Truly and utterly.

  5. Finally! Seolhyun is a goddess.

      1. Here’s something to help you get started on your next AOA WW post 🙂

  6. I don’t know if I’d consider her the prettiest member of AOA but Seolhyun is definitely the hottest.

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