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Waifu Wednesday: Soyul

Park Hye-Kyeong (better known by her stage name Soyul) is a South Korean idol rapper, vocalist and dancer. She is best known for being the maknae in K-Pop group from outer space Crayon Pop. Crayon Pop is unquestionably one of the more unique and excellent groups in K-Pop both for their off-the-beaten-path singles and the […]

Clara Lee. Nylon Fashion Magazine. Guess Underwear. That Is All.

I had planned to do a music video review on Super Junior’s “This Is Love” because there’s been a disturbing lack of man K-Pop around these parts recently but that’ll have to wait for one more day. Clara Lee did a magazine shoot for Guess Underwear and those combination of words take precedence over… life […]

Yellow Slug Spotlight: GLAM (GirLs be AMbitious)

It’s a little weird to spotlight GLAM right now as they don’t have much of a track record to go off of, and their members don’t really have defined idol personalities or performances to mock/drool over. Nonetheless, with the ways that I’m kind of jazzed over them now, I figured I’d do one of these […]

Yellow Slug Spotlight: Girl’s Day

Recently, I did my every-so-often “let’s try something new” after listening to Son Dam Bi, Psy and Big Bang repeatedly for way too long. After checking out a SPICA song, and an A Pink song I came across Girl’s Day’s music video for ‘Twinkle Twinkle’. The music was catchy, the kind of bubble gum nonsense […]

Yellow Slug Spotlight: IU

WHA? A solo singer? There aren’t many real singers in K-Pop but luckily IU is one of them. The girl has lungs and range that can go for days. That should count for a lot, as being a solo singer means there is nowhere to hide, but netizens prove that actual talents are not as […]

Yellow Slug Spotlight: Girls’ Generation (SNSD)

For better or worse, Girls’ Generation (SNSD) is the definitive girl K-Pop group. On the one hand, their music of the past couple years has been largely uninspiring; a mixture of meh mid-tempo singles and lazy aegyo-pop. They still have a member or two too many, as a couple members have still not differentiated themselves […]

Yellow Slug Spotlight: Brown Eyed Girls

Sometimes there is justice in the world. The Brown Eyed Girls, in pretty much any other alternative universe, would have faded away about three years ago. Their creation and pathway to success is about as unorthodox as Tim Tebow’s throwing motion (but unlike Tebow’s throwing motion, Brown Eyed Girls is good). The group was put […]