Girls’ Generation Urges You To #catchGG Without Saying What The Hell That Is


Maybe I missed the point of viral marketing but you generally have to give people an idea of what your hashtag is supposed to mean before you ask people to stick it at the end of every tweet that they post.

However, that’s what Girls’ Generation is trying to do with its’ purposefully vague hashtag campaign, #catchGG.

It sounds like the group may be trying out a religious approach to the whole thing, calling upon Sones to hashtag-pray with enough fervor to make SNSD materialize out of internet-air.

There isn’t much information yet on what #catchGG is yet, but it seems like once you start tagging your posts through #catchGG, there will be something special. Jessica explains that it’s a sign to connect the girls to their fans, and Tiffany invites fans to ‘catch’ the girls through the hashtag.

Maybe the appeal of Girls’ Generation is so strong that the group can just pull a rather awkward hashtag (seriously, #catchGG sounds like an awareness campaign for an STD) out of its proverbial rear end and watch the thing spread like wildfire, even with the phrase having virtually no meaning right now.

At the very least, the campaign gives the world more Jessica Jung, something which is always welcomed and worth several thousand #catchGG’s I reckon.




  1. black soshi · · Reply

    Live concert December 9, 2014. Tokyo Dome!

  2. It was tied to the announcement of their first show at the Tokyo Dome on December 9th, which is also their first stadium sized show in Japan apparently (30,000+ seat venue I suppose). Previously only Kara had played such a big venue as a Korean girl group. It was announced a few hours after this #CatchGG hashtag came out. I’m guessing that it was meant for people to hashtag #CatchGG and, wait for it…at the Tokyo Dome. I guess some of the places they previously played in Japan were smaller than I realized or used the term dome when they were really closer to the size of what we would call an arena in the US (Basketball/Hockey venue vs. Football/Baseball venue).

    I guess the girls will be getting a nice Christmas bonus if they sell out that show.

    1. black soshi · · Reply

      “If they sell out that show.” If they don’t sell-out that show it will surely be the apocalypse. Consider it done. SNSD are more popular than the color black.

  3. Genital Gonorrhea

  4. Sunny: “Ketch-a-zhee-zhee.”

  5. You got a point, leaving aside the fact they were telling us about the tokyo dome perfomance I didnt get the #CatchGG tag either :S

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