Selca Sunday Is Super Concentrated Awesomeness

taetiseo selca

Welcome to the latest edition of Selca Sunday, where the various on-goings of the social media K-Pop sphere (minus the ice bucket challenge because there’d need to be about five or six posts to shift through all that shit) are helpfully curated for humanity’s viewing pleasure. In this edition, Taeyeon finally braves instagram with a little help from her friends. Without further ado:

Hyeri of Girl’s Day:

If a forehead could be cute, it'd be Hyeri's.

If a forehead could be cute, it’d be Hyeri’s.

Bora and Dasom of SISTAR:

bor dasom sistar

On top of the world.

Hyosung of SECRET:

Wham. Flawless.

Wham. Flawless.

Dara of 2ne1:

Dara not having it.

Dara not having it.

Son Dam Bi:

Need moar Dam Bi.

Need moar Dam Bi.

Ryu Sera:

May the Sera comeback happen soon.

May the Sera comeback happen soon.

Jieun of SECRET:

Working the middle part.

Working the middle part.

Nicole Jung:

Now, Nicole's comeback should have happened already.

Now, Nicole’s comeback should have happened already.

Wang Fei Fei of miss A:

This deserved its own post.

This deserved its own post.

Until next week when we Selca it up again, have a good rest of the weekend y’all. As an aside, sorry if I haven’t been responding to many comments in the past week as I usually do. I’ve been a bit busy but that should change soon and I’ll be free to shoot the shit again. Starting now.



  1. Interesting comment regarding Nicole. It does seem like she is taking an exceptionally long time finding a new agency as to the best of my knowledge no one has announced signing her. There were rumors that B2M where Hyori and SPICA are was interested, but I have seen nothing further on that. However it makes one wonder if she has been blacklisted as a difficult to manage/demanding/impolite American or if agencies are wary that she doesn’t have the pipes to be a soloist and doesn’t have the stage charisma to overcome weak singing (Hyori is an example of someone who isn’t vocally strong, but has such “star power” that it makes up for it). Nicole seems to be a very strong dancer, but I don’t know if she is strong enough vocally. Maybe she is having to take voice lessons still to improve her singing assuming her voice hasn’t peaked already. What might be a good fit for Nicole might be as leader of a new group with members younger than her as she obviously has a lot of experience, though her prior fame would likely overshadow the other members. Also, I don’t know if Nicole is really interested in going down the group route again. Maybe some companies are waiting to see how the retooled Kara does. If they do well, Nicole likely doesn’t face a lot of backlash, but if they struggle, she likely gets blamed (Incorrectly) for killing that group (People will forget that Jiyoung wanted no part of staying either and that in 2011 4 of the 5 sued to leave and only dropped it after the success of “Step”).

    1. If Hyuna can go solo with her vocals, so can Nicole. I doubt she is blacklisted. She was on so many shows and radio programs that I doubt she has a bad reputation. Most likely it’s probably her just being picky with what she wants

      1. I certainly hope it isn’t blacklisting as DSP sounds like a miserable place to work, or at least it was for a period of time. Hopefully other companies understand that and don’t blame someone for wanting to leave that place. It is an interesting point about Hyuna in that Hyuna was mostly a dancer and rapper, and just an average K-pop singer but despite that has worked successfully as a solo and duo artist. Of course Hyuna has one of those “it” factors that are always hard to predict. I wonder if Nicole can replicate that as she isn’t going to be the nation’s little sister like IU, or have the pipes of an Ailee to hang her star on. I wish her the best though as I think it sucks the way DSP just stopped promoting her and finding her work other than within Kara after that 2011 suit. I don’t know if she was the ringleader of that rebellion or she was maybe more vociferous about her displeasure and DSP decided to punish her especially. I have seen that prior to 2011 she was on a lot of variety shows. One of my favorites was her appearance with Tiffany on Family Outing as they just seemed so happy to see each other and her reaction to Tiffany making an American breakfast was priceless. I wonder how many outtakes there were of the two of them chatting away in English. Kim So Ro’s reaction to Tiffany’s breakfast and complete obliviousness to Hyori’s was also classic as he hated fish soups and stews for breakfast so much. Man I miss that show.

  2. black soshi · · Reply

    I’ll take TTS for the win. Its actually a bit unfair with the Seohyun advantage.

    1. The Seobaby has been bringing it recently.

      1. Someday we will have to quit calling her Seobaby as she has really matured into a beautiful young woman and is no longer the gangly teenager she was at debut. I’m just glad she is part of this group as I suspect this group might outlast SNSD even after members maybe start marrying, have kids, or focus on acting or other interests.

        This seems like something Taeyeon would still enjoy doing as long as they have a recording contract and they are allowed to perform. These three have seemed to get really tight even before TTS as Tiffany and Seohyun really seemed to step up and help Taeyeon with leading this group and doing some of the things she didn’t enjoy so much like maintaining discipline (Seohyun getting people up, tracking who was late, fining members for breaking rules, etc.) and Tiffany being a mother hen/manager and taking on a lot of spokesperson duties once she became fluent in Korean. It kind of worked out well as those roles fit them so well. It seems like it really helped Taeyeon in that 2009 to 2010 timeframe where I think the group’s fame and the pressure of it was starting to get to Taeyeon some. Taeyeon never seemed to relish being the “leader” as it wasn’t really her personality. I think Tiffany and Seohyun stepping up to focus on those things that they do, allowed Taeyeon to focus more on doing the things you need to do to keep nine members from getting on each other’s nerves so bad that rifts begin to form. It seems like she became more of a negotiator or facilitator for dealing with the group’s gripes with SM and with each other.

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