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#TBT: T-ara – “I’m Really Hurt” Is Really Simple And Really Great

T-ara has had a weird and unfortunate career path. On the one hand, their discography is as deep and as great as any girl group of the past seven years (I mean, pick one of the following and it’s probably been in my permanent rotation for a while: “TTL,” “You Drive Me Crazy,” “Roly-Poly,” “Cry […]

Review: Hyomin – “Sketch” Does Right By Its Star

*Note: This review will be for the “Sexy Version” of “Sketch” because NO HALF MEASURES here. Needless to say, while the teasers for “Sketch” were definitely eye-grabbing, I was a bit trepidatious over Hyomin’s second solo effort, if for no other reason than the fact that her first single, “Hot Body” was a mess from a […]

T-ara’s Hyomin Hints That She’ll Be Having A (Hopefully Better) Solo Comeback This Winter

Last week, T-ara’s resident aspiring pitcher and overall angel of heaven Hyomin strongly suggested that she would be dropping a new solo project fairly soon with this trollingly vague post to her Instagram. The caption reads, “last summer, this winter.” Of course, last summer marked the time that Hyomin released her first solo work “Nice Body,” a […]

T-ara’s Hyomin To Throw Out An Assuredly Flawless First Pitch At A Pittsburgh Pirates Game

And after a brief hiatus of being wined and dined, we’re back! And things look like their still standing here! *Gives thanks to Goddess Wang Fei Fei. Let’s get back to that K-Pop grind. In news that is so random that I had to read the headline twice to make sure that “Pittsburgh” isn’t the […]

Review: T-ara – “So Crazy” Ain’t Crazy At All

T-ara’s reign of dominance when it comes to EDM music and slower ballads has quietly (somehow) been unparalleled in K-Pop in the past few years. “Lovey-Dovey,” “Day By Day,” “Sexy Love,” “Number Nine” and “Do You Know Me” are all fantastic singles and it has been almost a year since T-ara released the flawless “Sugar […]

Jiyeon Reveals Teaser For “Totally Crazy” That Is Totally Unsurprising

For better or worse (somewhere in the middle?), T-ara’s latest comeback for “Totally Crazy” looks like it will deliver exactly what was expected when information and teaser images were released earlier this week. T-ara unveiled the video teaser for the comeback through Jiyeon’s Instagram and it is everything that one likely expected and nothing more. Stunningly sexy […]

T-ara Release (Almost) Flawless Teaser Images For “So Crazy” Comeback

T-ara is currently preparing for its early August “So Crazy” comeback and the group recently released a few glorious teaser images for the upcoming project. As for the comeback itself, T-ara’s lead single “So Crazy” will be produced by Brave Brothers which leaves me cautiously optimistic. T-ara makes some of, if not the best, electronic […]