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Review: Jiyeon – ‘1Min 1Sec (Never Ever)’ is a damn near masterpiece

I had my doubts about a Jiyeon solo debut ever since it was first announced. While Core Contents Media and T-ara have consistently made some of the better music to come out of K-Pop (which is only overshadowed by how consistently¬†CCM trips over its own feet), Jiyeon has usually never stood out as a vocalist […]

Jiyeon looks like she’s taking no prisoners with new “1MIN 1SEC (Never Ever)” teaser

Aside from having one of the most aggravating titles to type out, Jiyeon looks to be aiming for all the nosebleeds with her upcoming music video for “1 MIN 1SEC (Never Ever)”. Yup, still a much too convoluted¬†title in English. Somehow, Hyosung has some competition: Hopefully, the slower, more deliberate beat is kept in place […]

T-ara’s Jiyeon’s Teaser for “1 Min 1 Sec” Spends One Minute and One Second not Teasing the MV

In what can only be described as a Colbert-ian “Great Teaser or Greatest Teaser”, T-ara’s Jiyeon‘s latest teaser for “1 Min 1 Sec” spends almost no time actually teasing the video which is actually kinda perfect in a Core Contents Media “I dun give a fuq” sort of way. What can be gleaned from the […]

T-ara’s Jiyeon will cause seizures/nosebleeds with ‘1 Min 1 Sec’ teaser

In what looks like some K-Pop mashup between Madonna’s “Vogue” and Kanye’s “All of the Lights”, T-ara’s Jiyeon’s video teaser for “1 Min 1 Sec” looks pretty damn good in between all the epilepsy the teaser is sure to cause. It’s only fifteen seconds, so it’s hard to judge what the track will sound like […]

Waifu Wednesday: Park Jiyeon

Park Jiyeon is a South Korean idol, singer, model, MC and actress. She is best known for being a member of T-ara and for being either the most adorable thing ever or the evilest cyclops in existence. Truth is she’s the sexiest cyclops in existence and I welcome our new cyclops overlord. Jiyeon often gets […]