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#TBT – KARA’s “STEP” Remains A Complete Joy

Admittedly, it’s impossible for me to not be biased when it comes to KARA’s “STEP.” And I’m not talking about biased in an “Well, everyone has an opinion, music is subjective maaaaaaaaaannnn” sort of way. I’m talking about the sort of bias that is unabashedly present and completely shameless. The sort of bias that causes […]

Poor Youngji Gets Overshadowed By Her Non-Famous Sister

Youngji, the last remnant of dead K-Pop group KARA still bound to DSP Media, was recently on Gag Concert to presumably remind everyone that she still exists. However, during one tragically hilarious segment, the show broached the subject of Youngji’s high school graduation, not so much out of interest in Youngji’s educational accomplishments but more as […]

It’s Official: KARA Is Dead

Although the writing has been on the wall for an eternity, reanimated corpse incarnate KARA is now officially done as a K-Pop entity. DSP Media released an official statement on the conclusion of long-time KARA members Gyuri, Seungyeon and Hara’s contracts, allowing the grand beast to find its final resting place. “[The three] who have been with DSP Media […]

Welp, It Looks Like KARA Will Finally Bite The Dust

At long last, it seems that the shambling, undead, butt-shaking zombie horde known as KARA will soon find its final resting place. The decision to put the poor souls of KARA out of their misery has been written on the wall for a while. The contracts for the group’s three members who matter senior members are set to […]

Dusting Off “Old” Tracks To Start The New Year

K-Pop tracks seem to roar into existence and fade into the internet ether faster than the blink of an eye. So, rather than do the usual thing and talk about an upcoming comeback that will be eagerly anticipated for about a month before being summarily forgotten in a few days, this post will serve as a […]

Shambling Zombie Group KARA Has Three Of Its Members’ Contracts Expiring At The End Of The Year

Gyuri, Hara and Seungyeon (aka The Three Members of KARA That You Can Name With Ease) will have their contracts with DSP Media expire at the end of the year. According to DSP, there have been no decision one way or the other as to whether re-sign the veteran members of their only success story. […]

Review: Goo Hara – “Choco Chip Cookies” Is The Good Kind Of Basic

Truth be told, there’s not a whole lot to review for Goddess Goo Hara’s debut solo effort “Choco Chip Cookies.” It’s fine and decent and that’s good enough. The song is actually a very smart choice for the Kara stalwart. Never known for her strong vocal presence, “Choco Chip Cookies” errs on the light and […]

Waifu Wednesday: Youngji

Heo Young-ji (better known by her stage name Youngji) is a South Korean idol singer and dancer. She is best known for being the new maknae and vocalist of K-Pop institution Kara. To say that Youngji had some big shoes to fill when she became a member of Kara would be putting it lightly. Kara […]

Review: KARA – ‘Cupid’ Is Hard To Love But Easy To Like

Kara has found a good deal of success through its synth heavy dance pop, so it’s not that surprising that the group has gone in that direction with their past few singles, especially given the member shakeup that occurred in 2014. It’s also not a bad move by Kara, considering that their discography contains some of […]

KARA’s Youngji’s ‘Cupid’ Teaser Gives Me A Glimmer Of Hope For KARA’s Comeback

KARA is set to release its “In Love” mini-album on May 26th, so the MV teasers are starting to get rolled out in earnest. Up first is Youngji’s individual teaser which… doesn’t sound or look that bad considering that the teaser images made each member of KARA look like the world’s most delicate porcelain doll […]