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It’s Official: KARA Is Dead

Although the writing has been on the wall for an eternity, reanimated corpse incarnate KARA is now officially done as a K-Pop entity. DSP Media released an official statement on the conclusion of long-time KARA members Gyuri, Seungyeon and Hara’s contracts, allowing the grand beast to find its final resting place. “[The three] who have been with DSP Media […]

Welp, It Looks Like KARA Will Finally Bite The Dust

At long last, it seems that the shambling, undead, butt-shaking zombie horde known as KARA will soon find its final resting place. The decision to put the poor souls of KARA out of their misery has been written on the wall for a while. The contracts for the group’s three members who matter senior members are set to […]

Shambling Zombie Group KARA Has Three Of Its Members’ Contracts Expiring At The End Of The Year

Gyuri, Hara and Seungyeon (aka The Three Members of KARA That You Can Name With Ease) will have their contracts with DSP Media expire at the end of the year. According to DSP, there have been no decision one way or the other as to whether re-sign the veteran members of their only success story. […]

Rainbow Knows About As Much About Their Comeback Plans As You Do

Well, it seems that perpetual participation award recipients (and chronically underrated group) Rainbow have little clue if and when their next comeback attempt will be. The group held a live stream with their fans through Naver where they were inevitably asked when Jaekyung and company would be returning to the K-pop landscape. Tragically, Rainbow’s response […]

Rainbow Scraps “Black Swan” Promotions After A Mere Two Weeks

Although it’s not that surprising given its lukewarm reception, Rainbow will reportedly kill their “Black Swan” promotions just a couple of weeks after they debuted their latest comeback. Prior to the February 23rd release of “Black Swan,” it had been nearly two years since people had last seen Rainbow. With such a long wait, it’s […]

Kang Jiyoung officially ends contract with KARA, Nicole Jung officially still kicking ass

This has been expected for the past couple of days but today DSP Media announced that they couldn’t successfully beg Jiyoung to stay Jiyoung’s contract with the agency has expired. Jiyoung will now head to London to take language and acting lessons: “Hello, this is DSP Media.  After Jiyoung revealed her intent to study abroad […]

DSP Media Refuses to Give KARA the Mercy Killing It Deserves

With the upcoming departure of Jiyoung and the already announced departure of Nicole, KARA is a group which, for all intents and purposes, is dead in the water. No one told DSP Media though. According to the group’s label, KARA will continue sometime in the latter half of the year after the three remaining members […]

Jiyoung is Leaving Kara as Well and Then There Were Three

On the heels of Nicole’s official departure, it is confirmed that Jiyoung will also be leaving Kara. This could just be the nail in the coffin for the veteran girl group as DSP had this to say: (Portion of the notification we received) – ‘Kang Ji Young will not extend her exclusive contract with DSP […]

Nicole Jung Talks Leaving Kara and DSP – Farewell to Butt Dance’s Finest Butt

Well, it is finally time to say goodbye to Nicole Jung. The soon-to-be former K-Pop idol is finally leaving the demanding and overtaxing world of being a K-Pop star behind as her contract is set to expire. Nicole did an interview with Sports Chosun and had the following to say about her departure: “I can’t […]

Nicole Jung’s Statement on Leaving KARA is a Big Ball of Confusion

It was only a matter of time before Nicole Jung would have to make a statement regarding her forthcoming split for DSP Media and, presumably, KARA as well. Nicole took to twitter in order to publish her thoughts on the matter, and well, its’ confusing as fuq on the one hand, and perfectly clear on […]