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#TBT: Wonder Girls – I Still Don’t Get “Nobody”

Like many things in life, my ambivalence towards the Wonder Girls’ all too ubiquitous hit “Nobody” probably owes a lot to timing. To date myself here, the group’s smash hit came out when I was in college and in a decidedly not-K-Pop phase of my music listening life (I would fight anyone who said that […]

#TBT – Rainbow’s “Sweet Dream” Is Just That

Oh Rainbow. If only your label’s ability to market your brand was as good as your actual singles. This week, we take a look at Rainbow’s “Sweet Dream,” a song that retains some sweet replayability and a video that is wholly unnecessary. From the moment the song starts, “Sweet Dream” manages to accomplish a couple […]

#TBT – KARA’s “STEP” Remains A Complete Joy

Admittedly, it’s impossible for me to not be biased when it comes to KARA’s “STEP.” And I’m not talking about biased in an “Well, everyone has an opinion, music is subjective maaaaaaaaaannnn” sort of way. I’m talking about the sort of bias that is unabashedly present and completely shameless. The sort of bias that causes […]

#TBT: Big Bang – “Love Song” Gets Perfectly Bittersweet

While I find Big Bang’s feverishly WILD AND CUHRAZILY INDIVIDUALISTIC hip-pop offerings to be pretty hit or miss, I have to admit that the group’s more streamlined pop songs are among some of my favorite tracks in the genre. Today, the focus will be on “Love Song,” a pleasantly addictive song that strikes a flawless […]

#TBT: T-ara – “I’m Really Hurt” Is Really Simple And Really Great

T-ara has had a weird and unfortunate career path. On the one hand, their discography is as deep and as great as any girl group of the past seven years (I mean, pick one of the following and it’s probably been in my permanent rotation for a while: “TTL,” “You Drive Me Crazy,” “Roly-Poly,” “Cry […]

#TBT – Rainbow’s “A” Is Still As Exhilarating As Ever

Sometimes, it seems like Rainbow is cursed. Despite the fact that the group sports a roster of heat and the group’s singles range from solid to straight fire, it isn’t an exaggeration to say that Rainbow is not a shining success story (Per Wikipedia, the group’s best-charting single is “Sweet Dream” which peaked at 5 […]

#TBT to SNSD’s “Oh!”

Welcome to the first edition of Throwback Thursday, a maybe-maybe not regular feature that will take a look and give a sizzling hot take on a K-Pop music video that came out way before this humble little blog was ever a part of the internet. Today, let’s talk about “Oh!” Released around the apex of […]