Another Muse Bites the Dust as Hyuna Graduates From Nine Muses

hyuna nine muses pink

Weeeeeeeellllllllpppp. At this rate, Nine Muses may be better off calling itself The Muses or An Unspecified Number of Singing And Dancing Models because they are not going to get back to nine members at this rate. Star Empire has announced that Moon Hyuna, one of Nine Muses’ better singers and the second most tenured member after Hyemi, would be “graduating” from the group (which seems to be code-word for “getting the hell out of Star Empire as fast as possible.”)

On October 3, Star Empire officially announced, “The contract with Hyuna, who has been with us as the member of Nine Muses for the past 6 years, has been terminated. After taking time to discuss the matter with Hyuna, we have decided to respect her desires to expand her career in other forms. Please give Hyuna, who led the team and worked her hardest as the oldest unnie of Nine Muses, your love and attention as she starts off anew.”

Unsurprisingly, this makes it seem like the decision to leave Nine Muses was more of Hyuna’s decision than it was Star Empire’s. For her part, Hyuna put forth a pretty reasonable “It’s not you, it’s me (but really, it’s probably you)” break up statement on her personal fan cafe.

“It feels unreal even though the decision was made after giving it thought for a long time. I feel like I’ll always be here laughing and chatting with my members and being happy from my fans’ love. I am a bit scared and also lost, but I will not forget the passion I had as the oldest unnie of Nine Muses.”

Hyuna’s graduation leaves Nine Muses in what looks like a bit of an awkward spot. Not only was Hyuna one of group’s better singers, she also had a more recognizable voice that will be missed. The remaining members can sing (more or less) but the only voice left in Nine Muses that I’d be able to pick out of a random lineup is Kyungri’s and that’s not necessarily because of her stellar talent behind a mic. Now, Nine Muses is Nine Muses A plus Sungah. That’s, uh, not nearly as formidable as what the group was rocking one year ago.

Still, congratulations must be given to Hyuna, who surely got out while the getting was good. After a while, Star Empire ain’t worth it.



  1. rybackuso · · Reply

    Sungah’s probably the next to go. I won’t be surprised if she leaves by end of year.

  2. When you’ve more “graduated” members than existing ones, maybe it’s time to call it a day. Even Afterschool looks better than this:

    This is also a lesson in not naming your group with a specific number (of members). That way, you can at least continue the branding despite turnover. like Wonder Girls or FIESTAR, without wondering if you band name still makes sense.

    1. Yep even SNSD that seemed like it would never be anything other than a nine member group eventually lost a member. The more members in a group the higher the odds that given time some member will grow divergent with the group and be shown the door or leave of their own accord due to artistic differences or simply changing priorities or interests in life. Even smaller groups with only 4 or 5 members can be hard to keep together with the same lineup for even the duration of their first 7 year contract. You are depending on teenagers and young 20 years-olds with these groups and at that age people change rapidly and what they thought they would love to do forever can radically change as they learn more about the realities of a career choice already made or learn about career choice that sounds better to them.

  3. rohaniyerdxb · · Reply

    It’s exceptionally tragic that the number of graduated members stands a nine.

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