TWICE Will Apparently Make A Comeback In October


Slow day for K-Pop news (as of this typing) so let’s just go with this delightfully vague report about a possible TWICE October surprise. It looks like there may be a music video of sorts in the works (potentially)(reportedly)(speculatively).

Several representatives from the music industry claim that the rookie girl group have plans to return toward the end of October, with a title track by composer Black Eyed Pilseung.
No specific date has been set yet, but the girls are supposedly in their preparation stages at the moment.
First, not going to lie, on first speed-read I read “a title track by composer Black Eyed Pilseung” as “a title track by composer Black Eyed Peas” and nearly flipped my desk over in a fit of rage. Second, while fully realizing that a month to put together a video is entirely doable in K-Pop terms (and delays are about as common as comebacks), it’s a little weird that we’re a month away from a supposed comeback and it doesn’t sound like much of anything is set in stone yet. Third… man does Black Eyed Pilseung have to change their name because each time I look at it, my eyes pop a couple of blood vessels.
The reported comeback will be TWICE’s third in their smash success of a rookie year. The group debuted with the fantastic “Like OOH-AHH” and followed that up with the less-than-fantastic “Cheer Up.”¬†Hopefully, third time’s a flawless charm.


  1. It’s funny how “Cheer Up” wasn’t much artistically, but it sure did well on he charts lingering in the top 10 nearly all summer. I’d much rather have longer periods between the releases of favorite groups if it upped the quality of the material.

    1. black soshi · · Reply

      Red Velvet and f(x) are the only groups worth listening to if you are interested in quality tunes.

      1. This I can agree with, although Oh My Girl is getting up there in quality too (at least for me).

      2. I’m going to have to jump on the Oh My Girl train, won’t I?

      3. They’re worth the shot.

  2. I figured they were due a comeback soon, and thank the k-pop gods we’re getting it as soon as October! We all need more Twice in our lives.

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