Not-Even-Reviewish: MAMAMOO – “New York” Is Enjoyable Fodder


As a disclaimer, this post on MAMAMOO’s latest music video “New York” is going to be fairly short for a few reasons. First, your’s truly is feeling a tad under the weather (And cranky. This review MAY* end up reflecting that). Second, “New York” is a pre-release that has all the elements of an appetizer – tantalizing but not exactly fulfilling. Lastly, “New York” doesn’t showcase anything that MAMAMOO hasn’t done before. It’s a fun little video but “New York” isn’t nearly as grand as its title would suggest.

*It most definitely will

To start with the pre-release’s best elements, “New York” is able to find a fantastic balance between its production and its vocalists. The members of MAMAMOO can belt out notes with the best of the genre, so pairing them with a funky, bass driven beat makes sense. The beat wisely doesn’t intrude much on MAMAMOO’s vocal space as horns and snares are sprinkled throughout to provide accentuating points of emphasis rather than to drive the song. A killer bass line acts as the song’s glue. Unfortunately, when “New York” decides to slow things down around the two minute mark, the song loses some of its  focus and it never really recovers from there. Moonbyul’s second rap sounds like filler, even by K-Pop standards and it makes the outro feel overly long and anti-climatic. As for the video, it’s about as average as video as one could expect out of a group of MAMAMOO’s caliber. The sets are unremarkable, the video’s shots never wow and the plot, in as much as it exists, doesn’t give MAMAMOO much to do either. The group is able to sell the video as light-hearted fun but that speaks more to MAMAMOO’s talents as pop performers than it does to the actual video’s ingenuity.

In all, “New York” is fine. It definitely works in a “Hey, MAMAMOO exists! Remember how much you love MAMAMOO?!?!” sort of way but “New York” struggles to hold its own free from the context of knowing that, well, it is a pre-release. Hopefully, MAMAMOO has saved up something better as a main course.


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  1. More Wheein is good with me!

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