MAMAMOO’s Reign of 2016 To Continue With “New York”


MAMAMOO’s incredibly charmed 2016 campaign is far from over. The group that brought everything from the year’s best self-diss track to the year’s best summer soundtrack (which they released in February, because MAMAMOO don’t play) is not done milking their spotlight for all it’s worth running circles around the genre. As is becoming routine for the group, while MAMAMOO will be having a proper comeback in October, the quartet will precede that release with a pre-release track/video (?) entitled “New York.”

Apparently drawing its visual and musical inspiration from seventies funk and R&B, “New York” looks and sounds like MAMAMOO’s bread and butter – cheery, fun imagery backed by equally fun and powerful beats. Sure, the video looks a little generic (at best, this looks like it could be a lesser version of “You’re the Best”) but it’s not like all MAMAMOO pre-releases can match the clever hilarity of “Pride of 1 cm.”

MAMAMOO’s next release is slated to hit the web on September 21st. My soul is ready.


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