Selca Sunday Is The One True Day

Welcome to the latest edition of Selca Sunday, where a week’s worth of K-Pop IG is condensed into a single post of greatness. In this week’s edition, Jaekyung is my spirit animal. Also, NS Yoon-G celebrates her birthday in style. Without further ado:

Hyuna of Hyuna:

A post shared by Hyun Ah (@hyunah_aa) on

Faux-normcore Hyuna is still a fantasy.

Seolhyun of AOA:

The celebration of all things Seolhyun Instagram is justified once again.

Wang Fei Fei:

Bang game is on point.

Krystal and Amber of f(x):

Luna is missing out.

Minhee of Stellar:


A post shared by 민희 (@juminhee) on

This post makes me proud to be an American.



A post shared by 김윤지 / YOOᑎ-G (@__yoon__g) on

Can every day be Yoon-G’s birthday?

That will do it for this week. Enjoy the fleeting hours of the weekend y’all.


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