Not-Even-A-Review-Review: Brave Girls Show So Much, Uh, Charisma In “Yoo Hoo”

brave girls Yoo hoo

With next-to-no fanfare, Brave Brothers’ new-old girl group Brave Girls has released “Yoo Hoo,” a music video that needs no music to get its point across.

Sure, this video is probably about two months too late to be seasonally relevant. Yes, the beat in “Yoo Hoo” is so basic and bland that if it were a food, it’d be some cross between raw tofu and uncooked oatmeal. And no, there’s no breakout vocal performances and the attempts at a hook are ruined by an all-too-present auto-tune that makes the “Yoooh-ooh-ooooh-oooh’s” that should be catchy into forgettable background noise. Still, with all that said, um, it’s as if Brave Sound and Brave Girls knew that they could get away with all of that because HOLY HELL HYERAN, YUJEONG, MINYOUNG ETC.

A day long pool party with Brave Girls isn’t so much a concept as it is a trap to destroy any semblance of critical thought on Planet Earth. The power of the ploy is only matched by its transparency and, despite me knowing that THIS IS ALL “YOO HOO” HAS GOING FOR IT:

My brain cannot defy it either. My will to resist this onslaught of, uh, determination and charm is akin to trying to stop the tide from coming in.The force of nature that is Yujeong Brave Girls cannot be denied, even when (or especially when?) it’s displayed with all the subtlety of five spiked bowling balls to the face.

If I were of a stronger fortitude, I would say something about how “Yoo Hoo” is an incredibly mediocre single wrapped up in a cliche of a concept, barely worth a release at all. But…

Eh, “mental will” is overrated anyways.



  1. You had me at Yujeong. Music, what music?

    1. This wasn’t a silent film?

      1. I meant I agree that this music was incredibly mediocre and forgettable. The release is just an excuse to let the ladies strut around in swimsuits. Can’t fault them for trying to keep Brave Girls in public consciousness.
        They could have just as easily set this MV to ‘Help Me’ from their High Heels album, which IMO is a much better ‘summer’ track.
        Also, Yujeong grinning on the Youtube video thumbnail is just too darn cute.

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