MAMAMOO To Doubly Bless August With Two Sub-Unit Releases

mamamoo 1232131312

As if this month hasn’t been blessed enough between a SPICA comeback and the debut of Black Pink, Mamamoo has decided to end August with the release of two (Yes, two!) tracks. Both will be sub-unit duets, one featuring the “Angel line” of Solar and Wheein and the other featuring the much more descriptively named “Rapper line” featuring everyone’s favorite comedy troupe of Hwasa and Moonbyul.

The Angel line will release a track, creatively titled “Angel.”

angel mamamoo wheein solar


Thankfully, the Rapper line is not releasing a track entitled “Rapper.” Instead, the spit-firing duo will debut with “Dab Dab.”


They have the mean mug down.

Apparently, the members did perform both songs at their recent Moosical concert. A quick search on the interwebs wasn’t very helpful and all the YouTube links that I was able to find have been removed or made private, so it’s hard for me to say anything about either of these releases except that they will probably be very, very good (but I’m more looking forward to “Dab Dab” because Hwasa + Moonbyul = Life). If someone is able to find video of either performance, please don’t hesitate to post it below.



  1. Poor SPICA, it doesn’t help that the other top to bottom vocally deep group currently in K-pop is dropping new material shortly after them. I think one sees pretty clearly part of why Mamamoo has taken off when SPICA hasn’t. Mamamoo’s members just seem to have more personality to go with that talent and in Hwasa’s case she has a more rebellious personality that you rarely see in K-pop outside of indie soloists singers or rappers. As a result they get on variety more and people are more drawn to them even when they aren’t actively promoting a song. If only Boa was so comfortable being as spunky as Hwasa in public or Bohyung had managed to land a gig like We Got Married and made a cute couple with someone.

  2. May i present Dab Dab in all it’s glory.

  3. Mamamoo is dropping a surprise group single and video apparently. Their label seems to understand the concept of striking while the iron is hot.

  4. I prefer Angel from, uh, Angel Line

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