SPICA Teaser For “Secret Time” Looks And Sounds Like A SPICA Teaser

spica secret time

Well, maybe this time, third fourth eighth ten billionth time’s the charm. Yesterday, SPICA dropped their music video teaser for “Secret Time” and it seems that the group is going with what has worked (relatively) for them in the past.

Sure, that roller rink set looks as cheesy and cheap as something that a local community theater would construct but it has a certain charm that gels with the teaser’s positive vibes. Also, the beat is encouragingly reminiscent of SPICA’s other great singles as strong pop and R&B influences pair well with SPICA’s (should be) famously great vocals. What else can I say? This looks like it should be very, very solid.

Of course, now that this has the Yellow Slug Stamp of Approval, I am now predicting that this will peak at approximately 60th on Gaon charts because that’s how SPICA is cursed rolls.


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  1. Kpoptartsarebestpoptarts · · Reply

    It’s absolutely criminal that this group is not more successful. I was pretty disappointed in TwoX’s recent release. Here’s hoping that this comeback is the one that gets Spica the notoriety that they so deserve.

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