Waifu Wednesday: Junyool

junyool stellar

Yeon Yoo Ri (better known by her stage name Junyool) is a South Korean idol singer, rapper and dancer. She is best known for being the maknae in K-Pop netizen outrage machine Stellar.

So, uh, it was gently pointed out to me that I had somehow not dedicated a weekly Wednesday segment to the empress otherwise known as Junyool and I steadfast refused to believe that I hadn’t already published a post gushing over the holiness of Stellar’s maknae. I had “Um, well, ACTUALLY I HAVE BECAUSE JUNYOOL IS ONE OF THE BEST THINGS ABOUT STEL-” typed out and ready to go until I did a quick search of the site. Followed by a longer search of the site. Followed by an exhaustive search of the Waifu Wednesday tag. Needless to say, when all of these searches came up empty, I was in a shock that rivaled paralysis. So, let’s try to atone for this unforgiveable oversight. Stellar’s big gamble on going full-bore sex sells was undeniably risky but the group has largely (and even thoughtfully) pulled it off thanks to some great music and each member’s dedication to what teeters between sexy and gaudy concepts. However, when you’re Junyool and your brilliance is as self-evident as the sky is blue, that overall risk is severely minimized. What has become clear over the past three years is that it’d be foolish to bet against Junyool.


Junyool’s breath gives life to deities from different dimensions.

stellar junyool 13123123

My God! How can one work out in those heels?

Junyool’s greatness cannot be measured in light years.

junyool stabbed teaser stellar 2

Never forget.

Junyool’s beauty is so strong that photos of her can lift mountains.

Everest is hovering at this very moment.

Junyool is so hot that she evaporates lakes with a touch.

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I, for one, welcome our drought overlord.

Junyool is so amazing that she always finds the ends of rainbows.


Stitch faint



  1. Yo Slug. Truly redeemed yourself with this weeks post. Really elevated my day from the weeds to cloud 9. The drought overlord has completely demolished all this rain today.
    Keep up with the good work. Take it easy eh.


    1. Glad to see that your, uh, thirst was quenched.

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