Mythical SPICA Comeback Is Real

After a two year drought that has felt like five K-Pop eternities, SPICA, a.k.a. MAMAMOO But Not Popular, will finally be gracing our inferior species with a comeback. The group dropped their first teaser image for “Secret Time” and, well, thank the gods for all that is Boa (and Narae) (and Jiwon) (and Bohyung) (and Sihyun).

spica comeback secret time

Will “Secret Time” be a splendid showcase of artful singing and stunning visuals? Almost assuredly! Will anyone give a shit if no one gave a half-shit about:

  • Tonight
  • Doggedly
  • You Don’t Love Me
  • Russian Roulette
  • I’ll Be There

Probably not! Still, looking back at all the quality non-shit that SPICA has put out over the years, there is little reason to doubt that “Secret Time” will definitely be a great single tied to an above average video that will likely be forgotten by the general K-Pop population within a few weeks.

Such is the life cycle of MAMAMOO But Not Popular. But hey, at least the comeback is happening! (I will now steel myself for my own inevitable hype that will come crashing down in spectacular fashion once its met with music chart reality.)



  1. I have been stanning Spica since their debut and I’m still mad that they never took off. Hopefully this comeback will help them gain some ground. They’ve been terribly missed.

  2. Well at least Bohyung is on TV currently in a singing contest show with a bunch of other vocalists from groups that have talented singers, but haven’t been very successful, so hopefully that exposure will help. Also, maybe under their new label they will get some better marketing support. Their old label appeared to simply run out of money and about all they could do was float a song and video out there and cross their fingers, which isn’t enough in such a crowded marketplace. Sure these ladies are all very talented, but K-pop is as much or more about exposure to reach the top than talent. Without members that stand out due to their personality, its very hard to get the variety gigs or the guest spots on the interview shows that help lift your group’s profile. I hope they manage to at least chart a top 10 hit.

  3. As usual you are right on the money… I am now sure we were separated at birth.
    Spica the best overall vocal group in kpop. Period.

    1. I agree with this sentiment.

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