Selca Sunday Is Flawless Victory

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Welcome to the latest edition of Selca Sunday, where the internet goes to die happy. In this week’s edition, Minhee and Jei are a couple apparently and I wish them well. Without further ado:

Taeyeon and Tiffany of SNSD:

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Who knew that Snapchat would be this good of a thing?


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Beach life at its finest.


Jaekyung of Rainbow and NS Yoon-G:

🍸😆🍸 #jaekyung #yoonG

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Jaekyung is that friend who posts pictures of you when you’re mid-blink.

NS Yoon-G’s social media person is a little more courteous.

Sojin and Hyemi of Nine Muses:

The only time where the hipster stache looked appropriate.

Sujin of Wassup:

The emojis are incomprehensible but Sujin is a revelation.

Junyool of Stellar:


That’ll do it for this week. Enjoy the fleeting hours of the weekend y’all.



  1. Did I miss the Yellow Slug review for this Fei video?

    1. Been busy, but I will at some point this week.

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