Reviewish: Nine Muses A – “Lip 2 Lip” Is Eh

nine muses lip 2 lip

This review is going to be shorter than the ones that I usually spew here on this blog because… there’s not a lot to say about Nine Muses’ sub-unit Nine Muses A’s first single “Lip 2 Lip.” It’s a bit bland, a bit boring and wholly unspecial.

The beginning intro is promising, if only because the light colors and early Katy Perry pop guitar lick gives the song a facet that Nine Muses proper has not really explored with any seriousness – the teenage bubble gum pop song (aka “The SNSD special”). Unfortunately, after that ONE MINUTE intro, “Lip 2 Lip” transforms into a song that is Nine Muses-esque without being a particularly good Nine Muses song. The beat is forgettable, the hook uninspiring and the singing a bit lackluster. The strength of Nine Muses has more often than not been the fact that the group can simply drown the audience in an abundance of impossibly polished singing, dancing models. The sum of Nine Muses was always greater than its parts (with all due respect to former members Sera and Euaerin and current members Hyuna and Hyemi) . “Lip 2 Lip” shrinks the group (even more) but the resulting song really doesn’t help illuminate the talent of Nine Muses A with the one exception of Sojin who injects the song with a lively personality that the rest of the song surprisingly lacks. And while one could argue that the smaller group gives more screen time to Kyungri and company (and that can never be a bad thing), that in and of itself doesn’t elevate “Lip 2 Lip” above other recent Nine Muses comebacks (although the members definitely try). Anyone who follows the group already knows that Hyemi is a solid singer, Kyungri is ridiculous, Sojin is the group’s heir to Euaerin’s rapping throne and Keumjo is… present.

The best and worst thing that I can say about “Lip 2 Lip” is that it is a Nine Muses single – but less so – in every sense.


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