#TBT: Big Bang – “Love Song” Gets Perfectly Bittersweet

big bang love song

While I find Big Bang’s feverishly WILD AND CUHRAZILY INDIVIDUALISTIC hip-pop offerings to be pretty hit or miss, I have to admit that the group’s more streamlined pop songs are among some of my favorite tracks in the genre. Today, the focus will be on “Love Song,” a pleasantly addictive song that strikes a flawless balance between somberness and optimism.

The most complimentary thing that I can say about “Love Song” is that the song and the video mesh so well together that it becomes impossible to talk about one aspect without the other. T.O.P’s intro, combined with the immediate throttle of the drum line and Daesung’s bellowing vocals, packs such a rich punch that contrasts perfectly with the beautifully shot barrenness of the desert where the group finds itself in the video. The floating camera work, subtle dramatic slow-motion and the relative few cuts that the video affords itself work wonders in creating a dream like atmosphere that turns G-Dragon’s repetitive wallows of “I hate that love song” into a comforting mantra. The video makes a great effort to have desolation and sparse destruction be a critical visual component and that effect highlights Big Bang’s excellent and crystal clear vocals in a way that is damn inspirational. Every individual component in “Love Song” works and yet the whole is also so much more than the sum of its parts.

There isn’t much going on in “Love Song” that qualifies as innovative or new but the many juxtapositions that the music video is able to evoke is impressive none the less. The black and white filter, the song’s overall pace and the smartly constructed set shines brightly specifically because “Love Song” injects awesome sweeping visual shots, instrumentals that convey a positively rock-ish energy and Big Bang’s ability to flip between sounding introspective, jubilant and sorrowful at a moment’s notice. GD can hate that love song but it’s impossible to hate “Love Song.”



  1. I love this song, too! TOP’s part in the beginning gives me life hehe
    His singing voice sounds so good, and this kind of timbre in KPOP is pretty refreshing and unique to me at least.

  2. This song is so well put together. I was so happy when I discovered this oldie from this blog. The opening guitar rift remains me of U2.
    TOP’s vocals are great. I hope Big Bang makes more tracks like this, “Let’s Not Fall in Love” and “Blue”.

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