How one feels about Wang Fei Fei’s solo debut “Fantasy” will largely depend on what one expects out of a Fei solo release. Over the course of her entertainment career, Fei has shown a well-roundedness that has served her well in miss A and various variety shows. A Fei solo could, theoretically, been any number of things and she would have probably knocked it out of the park. If there’s one thing that’s surprising about “Fantasy,” it’s how single-minded it is in its approach. On the one hand, Fei’s “Fantasy” is the hottest thing since the very invention of heat. Its ruthless sledgehammer approach to The Sensuality of Wang Fei Fei is powerful, constant and damn near overwhelming. On the other hand… “Fantasy” is nothing but a sledgehammer of sex appeal to which the addition of “music” sounds incidental or begrudgingly mandatory depending on the scene.

Here is my running thought diary while watching “Fantasy:”

Attempt 1: “Ok, so we have a VR lab thing. Alright, we’re in teaser territory. Ok, the beat is ———————————- … Wait, it’s over?”

Attempt 2: “Ok, now to pay attention to the bea————————————————- … WAIT, IT’S OVER? AGAIN!?!?!”

Attempt 3: “Alright, for real this time. I think the bass line is ———————— GOD DAMN IT!”

Attempt 17: “Fuck this, just don’t watch the video Slug. It’s a siren’s call of the soul. Ahem. The beginning of ‘Fantasy’ does a wonderful job of setting an intimate soundscape that Wang Fei Fei huskily breathes into being. However, the transition between verses, choruses and hooks …. (*peeks over) WELP, GUESS I’M NEVER FINISHING THIS POST.”

*A gif would be here but the entire video is basically one long gif so just enjoy the whole damn thing again.

I’m not going to lie. The whole “review the music” part of this post took a lot longer to write than it should have. Part of that is obviously due to the video (more on that below). However, part of the difficulty of reviewing “Fantasy” from an aural perspective is that it’s simply… there. The beat is the sort of slow low-key sexy dance track that SISTAR could probably make into a #1 hit five times over.The difference between SISTAR and Fei is that Fei isn’t Hyorin. So, while Fei is able to convey a sexiness in “Fantasy” through her airy and soft delivery, she isn’t given an opportunity to overtake and dominate “Fantasy” in the way that a more forceful singer would have surely taken the opportunity to do so. This is most problematic at the climax (stop it) of the song as the careful build up that Fei does a great job of constructing pays off with a long held note that barely registers above the standard chorus volume. “Fantasy” is a slow-burn that never becomes a blaze of passion. Instead, it’s a pile of embers.

Now, the video. THE VIDEO. It’s not a fire. It’s not a blaze. It’s not all the fire in the pits of hell. It’s every single heat source in the universe. Is Baby’s First Green Screen Set Piece a bit monotonous? Yes (If it weren’t for Wang Fei Fei’s… everything, the extremely flat direction and the effects that don’t even try hard to mask it would have been a deal breaker). Is the video basically a thinly-veiled exercise in male-gazing the fuck out of Fei? Yes (Hell, the video is literally about a guy looking to have a male-gaze experience). Despite the fact that Fei is a freaking great dancer, the video doesn’t really feature much complicated choreography (with a dash of hoola-hoop fun.) Is there anything outside of Fei that makes “Fantasy” a remarkable video? NO. “Fantasy” goes all-in on Fei being a compelling screen presence and that ends up being a hugely successful bet that also happens to be a wager so safe that no sane casino would ever accept it.

To put it simply, Fei’s “Fantasy” is a singular fantasy of a very, very focused mind. It hits every sexually filled note that it aims for with a ruthlessness that is stupidly lethal (I may be writing this from my own heart attack induced grave) but that focus also gives the video Fei-sized tunnel vision that leaves little room for surprise or appreciation of any non-Fei elements. “Fantasy” may not showcase all of Fei’s talents but what it does choose to do, it does very, very well.

Now, let’s remove the pseudo-“objective” reviewer goggles and take a look at this vid-




*Is resurrected by the power of the Fei-thful

*Dies fifty more times with each death being indescribably more painful than the last

*Is OK with this result




  1. Kpoptartsarebestpoptarts · · Reply

    I wrote elsewhere that seldom does my attention from watching an MV for the first time waver to actually listen to the song. But as hot as Fei is (and she absolutely is) I found my eyes wondering off of the screen just to listen to the song. Pretty impressive.

  2. Fantastic to see Yellow Slug’s enthusiasm for Fei.

    1. It’s not so much enthusiasm as it is cultish-reverence.

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