Waifu Wednesday: Nahyun

nahyun sonamoo ww

Kim Na-hyun (better known by her stage name Nahyun) is a South Korean idol singer and dancer. She is best known for sharing the seemingly hand-in-hand titles of sub-vocalist and visual in Certainly Existing K-Pop Group Sonamoo.

As Waifu Wednesday takes a Sonamoo-centered turn (until the feature eventually melts down into one long free association tribute to Wang Fei Fei), I am coming to the conclusion that Sonamoo is one group where the whole feels like less than the sum of its parts. Every member has what it takes to light the stage up on their own but they also tend to get lost in the shuffle of each other during performances (this may have something to do with their arrangements and talent levels relative to each other BUT this isn’t a problem that I find with Nine Muses, which is another group that has star-powered members who can often sound interchangeable).

This is my roundabout way of explaining how I haven’t done a Nahyun post until now because she is pretty much exactly what one would expect out of an idol who gets the designated “visual” label. She ain’t asked to sing much. And I’m pretty sure that no one pays much attention to that fact.

Anyway, let’s atone for this oversight.


Nahyun’s level of pretty requires mathematicians to adequately measure it.

nahyun sonamoo 1

Dat hoodie tho.

Nahyun is so flawless that she makes God feel insecure.

nahyun sonamoo 4


Aspiring to be like Nahyun is like trying to touch the very idea of greatness.

nahyun sonamoo 3

Queen of expressions.

Nahyun is such a good performer that she wins inter-dimensional award shows.

nahyun sonamoo 2


Nahyun is so sweetly cute that she’s a leading cause of cavities.

sonamoo fiddle

Bawwws Nahyun.


Stitch faint


One comment

  1. I’ve not kept up with Sonamoo since ‘Deja Vu’. Always knew they had very attractive members but I didn’t know that they’ve effectively become Apink 🙂

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