Waifu Wednesday: Sumin

sumin sonamoo.jpg

Ji Su-min (better known as Sumin) is a South Korean idol singer and dancer. She is best known for having the rare dual title of leader and sub-vocalist in K-Pop sort-of-it-girl-group Sonamoo.

I’ll be upfront and say that Sonamoo isn’t a group that I follow with any sort of eagerness (not because the group has done anything that I find bad, but more that I never had any sort of reason TO research the group beyond checking out the occasional music video). However, Sumin is probably going to change that. Sure, her title of sub-vocalist may be almost too accurate given that she isn’t really required to carry any of Sonamoo’s singles. And her leader title is likely the result of her having seniority over the rest of her groupmates in age and in time spent as a trainee. However, while Sumin may not register that much vocally, her ability to tear up the dance floor (and hearts) can not go unnoticed. The woman can straight up slay.

And in terms of “contributing to the artistic qualities of K-Pop” that counts for an awful lot. I’m not sure if I’ll be eagerly chronicling every single movement that Sonamoo makes but I also know that ignoring Sumin’s greatness is a huge, huge mistake.


Sumin is so hot that she makes the heavens sweat.

sumin sonamoo 435

Smile so bright and worth going blind over.

Sumin is so stunning that Medusa refuses to meet her gaze.

sumin sonamoo4


Sumin’s dance moves are recognized as a lethal weapon by the intergalactic UN.

sonamoo sumin 234234

Basketball anyone?

Sumin is so fantastic that her feats are filed under Fantasy.

sumin sonamoo 454


Sumin could gut my innards and I’d still offer her my heart.

sumin sonamoo gif.gif



dayum dayum dayum



  1. She reminds me very much of Hani from EXID. See below (not done by mine).

    (Hani left, Sumin right)

    1. Funnily enough, she reminds me of Hara from the band formerly known as KARA. Not bad company at all.

  2. I recommend Ji-U from Minx and Jisoo from Lovelyz for WW.

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