Waifu Wednesday: Sujin

sujin wassup

Bang Su Jin (better known by her stage name Sujin) is a South Korean idol singer, dancer and twerker. She is best known for being a vocalist in K-Pop Purgatory personified Wassup.

Wassup hasn’t released anything in a good while. Of everyone in the group, only Nada has really done anything outside of Wassup promotions as well. So, think of this as the blog post equivalent of a pointless protest vote for Sujin, a vocalist in an ossifying group that doesn’t give her many chances to shine. Hopefully, the K-Pop gods are kinder to Sujin and Wassup in the future because the world can always use more of this in it.


Sujin is so pretty that all magic mirrors are in awe of her.

Sujin’s greatness is best measured in heavens.

Sujin is so unbelievable that unicorns scoff at the notion that she’s real.

Sujin dances as naturally as fish swim.

Sujin is a brighter light on this planet than the sun.

sujin gif



my feels



  1. Bang Sujin? How inappropriate. I hardly know her.

    By the way, file this away for a future Waifu Wednesday if any of these ladies haven’t been treated to it yet. These ladies are old enough to not be the daughter of your older followers.


    1. T-ara’s Boram (30)… That is all.

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