Wonder Girls Look To Go Even Retro-ier For Their Next Comeback

wonder girls

After fully committing to the 80’s retro sound and look for their last “Reboot” comeback, the Wonder Girls will look to have similar success with their newest comeback by paying homage to the seventies.

In addition to announcing that the group’s single for the comeback, entitled “To the Beautiful You,” would first be available as a limited edition vinyl, the group released this teaser image which hits those 70’s visual notes so hard that I half expected Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis to fade in and out of view.

wonder-girls to the beautiful you

That font. That precisely cheesy haze effect. Those bell bottoms. It’s perfect.

“To the Beautiful You” will apparently be an “upbeat” song with “both digital and analog sounds”which leads me to wonder whether the group will continue with the band theme that they pushed with “I Feel You” or if this comeback will find the Wonder Girls aiming for a more standard girl group release. Either way, I actually trust JYP Entertainment to do right by the Wonder Girls here. Their Reboot comeback was one of my favorite things about 2015 and the Wonder Girls have a pretty good track record of mixing K-Pop with retro concepts (Off the top of my head, Secret may be one of the only groups that does it better).

Also, this means more Yubin and that’s always welcomed (may her drum set never be too far).

On a more personal note, I probably won’t post much the rest of the week as I’m turning a year older and plan on celebrating a bit too liberally reflecting on life’s meaning and contemplating on my own purpose in the universe. I’ll be back though!



  1. Happy Birthday, Slug!

  2. Happy Birthday slug!

    I present to you Yooa of Oh My Girl to bring nice things into your life (ahemWWnominationahem).

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