Selca Sunday Warms The Soul Of Space

Welcome to the latest edition of Selca Sunday, where the various weekly going-ons of K-Pop social media is helpfully condensed into one easy to read post. In this week’s edition, Wang Fei Fei takes the top spot because IT’S WANG FEI FEI. Without further ado:

Kyungri of Nine Muses:

#슈어 7월호 🌿

A post shared by 박경리 (@gyeongree) on

Go onnnn….

Jieun of SECRET:


A post shared by SONGJIEUN (@secret_jieunssong) on

Jieun is criminally underrated in everything.


A post shared by 이지금 (@dlwlrma) on

IU brings blessings on blessings to IG.

Soyu and Bora of SISTAR:


A post shared by @ soooo_you on

Not entirely #twinlook but close enough.

Luna and Amber of f(x):

Thank you #wave #freesomebody

A post shared by Luna 루나 (@hermosavidaluna) on

Life’s real OTP.

Woohee of Dal Shabet:

#ecopilates 안아픈 척 하기 힘들다

A post shared by 희릿 (@woohee91) on

Fitness is a life goal worth striving for.

Jaekyung of Rainbow:

🌴#jaekyung 🌴 🌴#MANTA 🌴

A post shared by Jaekyung🌈 (@_kimjaekyung_) on

Jaekyung’s Manta ad campaign is pretty much the best thing.

Seohyun of SNSD:

I am 99.983423546999999% sure that there is nothing that Seohyun can’t do.

NS Yoon-G:

It seems that NS Yoon-G’s stay in Hawaii has sadly come to an end. In the meantime, Tokyo looks like a good time. Also, those Carmine VI’s are FIRE. (Go Dubs!)

That’ll do it for this week. Enjoy the fleeting hours of the weekend.


One comment

  1. Seohyun must be very intimidating to date. She’s so good at some many things and so well read that you have to have supreme confidence in your own abilities, the ego to accept that there are many things that she may be better than you at, and the intellect to keep up with and challenge her. I wonder if she has been taking riding lessons for a long time or recently started. I know that knowing how to ride is a big deal for actors in Korea and throughout East Asia as it opens roles in lucrative historical dramas to them. That would be typical Seohyun…Need to learn to ride to get roles…Take riding lessons…Mastered riding, check. I wonder what she will be doing in 20 years.

    Too bad we don’t get NS Yoon-G’s interview during the game broadcast over here.

    Am I wrong, but has Soyu actually become he sexiest Sistar member.

    Poor Jieun from Secret. Her group appears to be on permanent hiatus because Sunhwa and Hana apparently can hardly stand each other enough to share a stage, and it’s hard to be noticed standing next to Hyosung. Still, she didn’t have a bad solo debut and she is quite pretty. It’s just hard to get noticed sometimes.

    I was sorry to hear that Miss A lost Jia, and that JYP said that the remaining members would be focusing on solo activities. I wonder if Fei will have a solo debut in Korea or whether she is mostly going to be focused on activities in China with JYP as her agency now.

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