Tiffany Goes GrimDark With Teaser For “Heartbreak Hotel”

tiffany heartbreak hotel

With her decidedly “OK” solo debut behind her, Tiffany will soon be releasing the music video for her song “Heartbreak Hotel.” And judging by the teaser, like many a sequels, this one looks to be going for some darker, grittier overtones.

The recent heavy use of pink lighting and dimly-lit sets have become almost cliche in K-Pop videos by this point but it works in the brief glimpse that we get above which manages to pair an ominously slow-moving and very darkly lit set pieces with a beat that sounds like it’s going to be richer and more prominent than the quizzically impact-light “I Just Wanna Dance.”

The teaser for “Heartbreak Hotel” doesn’t give much away. In fact, it’s a bit frustrating how well the teaser teases both the visual concept (which reminds me of a cross between an eighties crime thriller and a normcore version of “Spring Breakers”) and the beat (I’m a sucker for those synthy-chimes). This has me excited.

Then again…

The teaser for “I Just Wanna Dance” was pretty thrilling too and that ended up being a rather safe and blandly pleasant video.

Sigh. We’ll see.


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