Jessica Shows Mercy, Declines To Throw Shade At Tiffany’s Solo


With both of their solo debuts safely in the rearview mirror of the always-moving-at-light-speed K-Popathon, “Fly” singer and shade master Jessica Jung was asked what she thought about debuting at the same time as her former OTP group mate Tiffany Hwang. Unfortunately for all of those who love some good old fashion K-Pop drama (me), Jessica went out of her way to be complimentary towards the SNSD member’s release.

“When I heard the news, I thought, ‘Why?  Of all people?'” and laughed.  She continued, “I thought that it might actually be a good thing.  I was curious about what Tiffany would do, and she was really cool.  I thought it’d be fun for people who are watching because her music and visuals are different from mine.  Leaving behind the grades for our music, I wish that we would each promote coolly.”

Amazingly, that answer is much more shade free than the one that Tiffany gave last month to essentially the same question (To be fair to Tiffany, she was asked to give her reaction to the closeness of the solo debuts before either song was released).

Q. The former member of Girls’ Generation Jessica will release her solo album a week later. What do you think about it?
Tiffany: You know, these days there are many singers who release their solo albums. I think all of them worked really hard, and some of them might have prepared for their albums longer than I did. I hope everybody will get a satisfactory result.

On the one hand, Jessica’s response seems much more direct, and thus, more genuine. On the other hand, as a person who simply refuses to believe that anyone could best Jessica in a shade war, I’m more than willing to think that Jessica saw Tiffany’s response and purposefully went with the gracious route in order to perform some double mindfuck jujitsu shade throwing.

Yeah, let’s go with that.




  1. Or you could just take things out of context and made it sound like shade of all shades

    Tiffany going solo?
    -“When I heard the news, I thought, ‘Why? Of all people?’” and laughed.”

  2. I’ve been quite happy to see that Jessica has handled discussing what transpired with SNSD with maturity. She seems to have taken the high road and simply said that it was bound to happen eventually that she would depart SNSD, It was just sooner than she anticipated. She has also mentioned that she does stay in touch with some of the members, but not everyone and has been adult enough to not name names and stir the pot. I think she realizes that no one would win in a battle of sleights between her and the group. Tiffany has also done a good job of not sparking a feud with Jessica with her interviews. Jessica needs the Korean market still, so she has been wise to not do anything that would get her in trouble with advertisers and broadcasters there.

  3. don’t you think they should all succeed? sounds good. let’s all outgrow the need for one #1.

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