Waifu Wednesday: Geummi

geummi crayon pop ww

Baek Bo-ram (better known by her stage name Geummi or Gummi) is a South Korean idol singer and dancer. She is best known for being the leader of extraterrestrial K-Pop group Crayon Pop.

Geummi’s unlikely career path to being the leader of Crayon Pop mirrors the group’s own unlikely success. Prior to being the eldest member of an international viral sensation and prior to dabbling acting, Geummi held down a job at a hair transplant clinic as a skin therapist. Not a vocalist coach. Not a backup dancer. A skin therapist. That’s… about as civilian as a job gets. And yet, through dumb chance/good luck/ divine intervention/sheer talent, Geummi is now a part of the K-Popiverse and we are all richer for it.


Geummi is so cute that her presence causes blood sugar levels to spike.

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Geummi is so pretty that she makes stone angels weep.


Surprised that beach hasn’t evaporated in the presence of such heat.

Geummi’s talents shine brighter than a whole constellation of stars.

geummi crayon pop 2

Can’t camouflage the awesome.

The very idea of Geummi being wrong threatens the very fabric of reality.


Geummi is so great that there should be entire universities dedicated to her rise.

geummi bnt

I am melted.


feels gif



  1. Maybe it’s due to her ‘civilian’ past but Geummi appears as one of the most down to earth and sincerest entertainer in the business. Her beautiful personality comes across on stage as well as in interviews and variety shows (such as cheering for Soyul during those wrestling matches). Oh, and she’s the best dancer in Crayon Pop too. Yeah for Geummi !!

  2. Geummi and all of Crayon Pop is so underrated. I must confess she was not my favourtie member in the group at first, Soyul was, but since around the release of FM and C’mon C’mon she became my favorite member together with Soyul.

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