Selca Sunday Is Here For The Long Haul/Weekend

my sis is flying 😘 #FLY @jessica.syj

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Welcome to the latest edition of Selca Sunday, where the extended weekend means that I was always going to be a bit lazier with this one than usual. Thankfully, NS Yoon-G continued producing content for her informal Instagram photo book of awesomeness and Jungsis came through so it’s not like there was much digging to do this week anyways. Without further ado:

Yuri of SNSD:

This is happiness personified.

Subin of Dal Shabet:

Week 234234325436547658658 in my skepticism of Subin being real.

Jiyeon of T-ara:

There is no higher seal of approval.

Kyungri of Nine Muses:

나 오늘은 정상 출근해. 🙁🙄 #박경리경리

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Not much is happening here and yet it is my everything.

NS Yoon-G:

Just… can this go on forever?

That will do it for this week. Enjoy Memorial Day if that’s your thin (I probably won’t post tomorrow because of the holiday and the prospect of losing my mind over the Warriors game).



    1. Um, expecting growth?

  1. Jungsis is the best. But isn’t Krystal taller than Sica?

  2. Emanuel Bernales · · Reply

    #nsyoong #camels

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