Well, At Least Tiffany Can Say That Her English Song Is Better Than Jessica’s

jessica fly english version.jpg

Earlier this week, Tiffany dropped the English remix to her solo debut “I Just Wanna Dance” and it immediately became the superior canon version of the song in my head. And while I would still take Jessica’s “Fly” over Tiffany’s English remix of “I Just Wanna Dance,” Jessica’s English version of “Fly” is… definitely the worse of the English remixes in SNSD: Civil War.

While Tiffany’s English remix has lyrics that flow nicely with the pace of the track, Jessica’s remix definitely tries to shoehorn in one too many syllables in about a billion too many awkward places. Also, the lyrics themselves.


There’s inspirational words and then there’s words that Hallmark would deem too corny for a elementary school graduation card. These are those words.

Oh well. At least there is still the Korean version where the only awkward aspect is Fabolous’s verse.


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