TWICE Release ‘Avengers’ Version Of “Cheer Up” Which Is Disappointingly Free Of Avengers

twice cheer up 3423423423

Because TWICE has decided that there is literally no such thing as too many music videos, the group has released a new choreography version of their latest effort “Cheer Up” which has our future overlords dressing up in the costumes from their “Cheer Up” MV for the whole performance.

I am all for more Momo as dual gun-wielding assassin.

Oddly, the group decided to label this one as “TWICE AVENGERS” which seems pretty misleading (Maybe JYP was hoping for some of that sweet YouTube search traffic). I see no Captain America or Thor cosplays anywhere. Although now that it’s been incepted into my head, I really want to see Jihyo rock Steve Rogers’ shield and Nayeon in Tony Stark armor. Considering that basically every Marvel superhero has been an Avenger at one point or another, the possibilities are endless.

C’mon Marvel. Let’s make this happen. EXCELSIOR.




  1. NJ Kpopper · · Reply

    This is a song that can withstand thousands of viewings, videos, and live performances. Let Twice keep at it!

  2. Seeing Dahyun dance in a Hanbok makes this video worth it. Also, love that green screen cut.

  3. JaySee · · Reply

    Just another case of Koreans making up Konglish that has no relation to English.


    1. How dare they get these under-aged Korean (Japanese & Taiwanese) girls to butcher our beloved, beautiful, nuanced and auditory aesthetically pleasing language. I mean, learn to speak proper American (the improved version of English) or just shut it.

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