The Kago Pengchi Remix of Tiffany’s “I Just Wanna Dance” Is Actually So Much Better Than The Original

snsd tiffany i just wanna dance english remix

As has been noted a few times on here, I was not a big fan of Tiffany’s blandly titled and produced solo debut “I Just Wanna Dance.” At best, the oddly lacking-in-energy pop effort seemed more suited for a night in with some wine rather than a night out on the town.

Thankfully, Tiffany’s English remix of “I Just Wanna Dance” (by Kago Pengchi) comes equipped with an appropriately club-friendly beat that manages to pick up the tempo of the song to a pace that actually sounds fittingly dance-worthy, a feat that most remixes usually awkwardly botch by mindlessly speeding up the beat and POUNDING THE BASS like they’re trying to squeeze three minutes worth of music into thirty seconds (I’m looking at you Teddy Riley remix of “The Boys”). The remix of Tiffany’s solo, in comparison, has a nice flow to it and Tiffany’s vocals aren’t completely thrown to the side in the mix which helps the song retain the qualities of a Tiffany Hwang solo rather than a DJ’s ego trip.

Granted, part of what makes the remix of “I Just Wanna Dance” sound so good is that the original beat seems like it’s going at about half-speed. However, even taken on its own terms, the Kago Pengchi remix of “I Just Wanna Dance” is a damn decent banger. Jessica still wins the war of my heart solo debuts but this remix definitely puts up a much stronger fight in SNSD: Civil War than Tiffany’s actual debut track did.


One comment

  1. Yes, this is better. For a song about dancing the night away, this is at least club-worthy.
    The problem is that it still sounds like every other song to me though.

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