Selca Sunday Is Heating Up

#BARREL #rashguard #comingsoon #배럴 #심슨가족 @getbarrel

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Welcome to the latest edition of Selca Sunday, where the seemingly infinite stream of K-Pop social media is honed down to the best of the best. In this week’s edition, Yuri’s Barrel photo shoot is the gift that keeps on giving. Without further ado:

Yuji of BESTie:


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Picturesque day at the park.

Ryu Sera:

Summer is near

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Sera with a weather update.

Nari of Wassup:

Nari continues to make a compelling case for a Wassup comeback.

Jaekyung of Rainbow:

시원해져랏 #jaekyung

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이젠 상명대 고고싱! #jaekyung

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Mostly posted this because of the Air Uptempos (Ok, and Jaekyung).


#씨스타#sistar#연습 👯👯 @borabora_sugar @xhyolynx @soooo_you @som0506

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The slow reveal of a hidden Dasom is basically SISTAR summed up in post.

NS Yoon-G:

Ok, so it looks like NS Yoon-G’s Hawaiian extravaganza may have been part vacation, part ~branding~ exercise in surf lessons but whatever the reason, the past couple of weeks have been Cool and Good on Yoon-G’s gram.



  1. I like to think the lack of sign off is cause that last Yoon-G picture has left you a jibbering mess on the floor.

    1. Guilty as charged.

  2. black soshi · · Reply

    Surfing instructor hits the lottery. Lucky bastard.

  3. Yoon G’s vacation is a gift to all of us…

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