Waifu Wednesday: Soyul

soyul crayon pop ww

Park Hye-Kyeong (better known by her stage name Soyul) is a South Korean idol rapper, vocalist and dancer. She is best known for being the maknae in K-Pop group from outer space Crayon Pop.

Crayon Pop is unquestionably one of the more unique and excellent groups in K-Pop both for their off-the-beaten-path singles and the group’s look which was specifically chosen to be less K-Pop supermodel and decidedly more, well, “normal”.

Hwang Hyun-chang, the chief executive of Chrome Entertainment, Crayon Pop’s agency, said the group’s birth started from a simple question: “Why are all girl groups the same?” And the team’s image was carefully planned starting from the audition process.

“I eliminated the candidates who were taller than 165 cm or had sexy images. I also excluded high school students even though they sing well,” he said in an interview with Chosun Ilbo.

“I wanted to make a group that has the image of ordinary girls living in the neighborhood who we cannot hate,” Hwang said.

To which I say, dude was mostly successful. Crayon Pop stands out and they are a wonderful special snowflake in a genre of impossibly pretty faces. Ordinary though? Nah. As long as Soyul is a part of the group, Crayon Pop’s image will be anything but ordinary.

Not only is she a talented dancer and singer, Soyul will also wreck your shit.

R.I.P. Subin. You never had a chance.

However, to be fair to the Dal Shabet star, no one does. This is Soyul’s world. Bow down to your queen.


Soyul is so amazing that her exploits manage to wow the omniscient and the omnipotent.

soyul crayon pop 4

I need to find whatever mystical place has Soyul as a next door neighbor.

Soyul’s star power could knockout Superman.

soyul crayon pop selca

Soyul selcas are art.

Soyul’s beauty is so sensational that it can be felt from across the globe.

soyul crayon pop 2

Hell, I’d melt to this in deep space.

There is bright, there is brilliant and then there is Soyul.

soyul crayon pop live

Pictured: A real life superhero.

Soyul’s cuteness is more lethal than a hive of killer bees.

soyul crayon pop gif

A gif worth its weight in internet gold.


feels dolphin



  1. This would make IATFB happy.

    1. I meant “should”.

    2. I’m honestly surprised that I haven’t featured Crayon Pop in WW before now.

  2. Jesse Ray · · Reply

    looks like someone received a visit from Way’s Girls

    “You’re not promoting Crayon Pop enough in your blog”

    1. LOL those iljins really scare the yellowslug into making this article.

      1. I am so confused as to what is happening and why

    2. I guarantee that this blog doesn’t get the sort of audience that warrants that sort of attention.

  3. What a pleasant surprise to see the little chili pepper Soyul featured on WW! Little known fact is that Soyul was previously part of the duo Chic6 Muscates with label mate Jina (Bob Girls).

  4. Also, this.

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