Review: Jessica Jung – “Fly” Soars

jessica jung fly

While it may not exceed expectations (which, to be fair, were personally pretty lofty to begin with), Jessica Jung’s debut music video “Fly” is about as good as a first effort as one could expect from CORIDEL ENTERTAINMENT (in case you didn’t quite catch the giant title card and the permanent watermark in the upper right corner of the video), Jessica Jung and Fabolous (yes, that Fabolous).

The best thing that “Fly” has going for it is its tonal consistency throughout the video. The concept packs all the punch of one of Jessica’s lightly toasted marshmallows but “Fly” leverages its own lightness into a surprising strength. Jessica’s vocal talents have always shined when she’s allowed to display her deft touch on lighter and higher notes, so pairing her recognizable delivery with “Fly’s” bright, brisk (and relatively unimposing) beat ensures that Jessica is able to stay within her comfort zone. The song threatens to become a bit one-note towards the end (Jessica’s contribution at the bridge seems to go on forever) but Fabolous’s half-assed contribution (he’s not even in the video) serves up just enough energy to break up the lagging monotony of Jessica’s sugary pep talk song. (Also, as a Bay Area resident, having a Jessica Jung song that name-drops Steph Curry and the Warriors almost seems too good to be true.) Taken together, it’s damn near impossible to be offended by “Fly” and the song’s relentless positivity and Jessica’s work on the choruses and hooks makes it very hard to not be charmed by the whole damn thing.


The video does manage to outshine the song though. Jessica’s choreography isn’t complicated, the camera shots aren’t especially creative and the “story line” is more montage than anything else but it’s so stupidly cute that all the negatives quickly get washed away in Jessica’s Etsy-desert-mirage. The location shots are gorgeous and appropriately warm and sunny, while still maintaining bursts of color that keep the video from becoming too beige. The overall effect is simple but the straightforward, no-frills pop happiness of the comeback shines through all the brighter because of the video’s low key approach. To be frank, fans of Jessica were going to be thrilled to see her back in the pop music spotlight regardless. However,  “Fly’s” beautiful imagery, the professional production (to be fair to CORIDEL “A LEGITIMATE LABEL THANK YOU VERY MUCH” ENTERTAINMENT) and its star’s relentless smile should appeal to anyone who comes across it.

This was also my reaction to being notified that “Fly” was finally out.

In all, “Fly” is fantastic. It’s not an instant classic and it might not have much of a lifespan outside of the next few months but make no mistake: this is some good shit. I’m not sure if there’s anything to SNSD: Civil War but if there is some sort of competition between Jessica and Tiffany’s solo debuts, I think it’s safe to say that Captain Sica won this round handily. We’ve had to wait a couple of years for Jessica to make her solo debut but “Fly” was worth the wait.



  1. black soshi · · Reply

    The lazy ass ( imagine that!) “rap” is one of the worst things I have ever heard. Even if this was an English song, which I guess it will be, its still crap. Stephen Curry and the Warriors? Are you effing kidding me? I’m praying this will be the last “collaboration” of these sorts for her.
    On a positive note I am very excited to receive my cd and as of right now Jessica is topping all charts in Korea and absolutely killing it in physical album sales.
    Ice Princess is finally ready for the coronation.
    All hail the Ice Queen.
    On a side note this video appears to be shot in the exact same location with the same props as Red Velvet’s Ice Cream Cake. WTF?

    1. soandso · · Reply

      Yes, it’s salvation army (?) I believe (also Solo Day by B1A4 was shot there).

      1. soandso · ·

        Actually is Salvation Mountain, lmfao what a freudian slip

    2. I am still awaiting my Jessica/Ja Rule collab. On a side note, all hail the Ice Queen indeed.

  2. rybackuso · · Reply

    Iron Sica takes round one!

    OT: Since I love Sica so much, I’m repeating this song all over to help me cope with the Warriors losing Game 1. 😦

    1. They got Game 2 though!

      1. And then they got blown out Game 3 😦

  3. rybackuso · · Reply

    Also, where is AOA’s Good Luck review???

    1. That one was later than it should have been, I’ll admit.

  4. I don’t think this is just a random montage video. I think Jessica is trying to tell her story through this video. If you look at the mailbox scene you’ll notice that there’s two versions of Jessica in this video. The first is a past version of herself and the second is a current version. Past Jessica is all cheery and she has the backup dancers with her (group members). At the beginning of the video she looks at a postcard of the snow wonderland and you can tell she longs to go to this place I think this is a metaphor for her dreams specifically of her fashion career. When she receives packages that contain her winter clothes I think it’s more understandable as to why she seems so joyful, she’s beginning her journey to the snow wonderland. Towards the end of the video the current Jessica is packing her things and walking down a road alone (her journey is now a lonely one). Along the way she comes across the mailbox and receives the snow globe from the past version of herself. Past Jessica is reminding current Jessica what her dreams are.
    But that’s just my interpretation, I could be wrong.

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