Jessica Releases MV Teaser For Promising Sounding “Love Me The Same”

While Iron Fany’s opening salvo in SNSD: Civil War may have ultimately been forgettable fun, Captain Sica will apparently be taking no prisoners during her impending descent from pop purgatory as she recently released a new teaser for a second music video entitled “Love Me The Same.”

First impression? (Because that’s all a good teaser will give you.) This sound seems like it fits Jessica far better than the short beat sample that we get to hear in the second “Fly” teaser.  I’ve always felt that Jessica’s uniquely delicate yet piercing vocals can work in a more upbeat pop single as a part of an ensemble (her parts in SNSD songs are instantly recognizable) but that her delivery could become tiresome after a while when its utilized in a faster-paced pop song without a contrasting presence (Hence, Fabolous much-anticipated guest feature on “Fly”).

A slower ballad-esque song though? That’s where Jessica has always shined. It allows her distinct vocal personality to shine through and it gives her room to make the most of her limited power and display a subtly masterful grasp of her comfort zone when it comes to range.

Basically, while I was damn certain that Jessica’s album would contain at least a ballad or two, I am pleasantly surprised that we’re apparently going to get a couple of music videos out of this comeback and “Love Me the Same” already sounds like the one to keep an ear out for. SNSD: Civil War is starting to look a little one-sided.



  1. mellowillow · · Reply

    To me, she has already won

  2. Well Jessica and her boyfriend are both American and maybe the influence of growing up exposed to the American music industry where you typically want several strong singles on an album and several videos from it rather than the typical K-pop single with video and 4 pieces of filler on an EP rubbed off a bit. While not all American artists put together strong albums with several hit singles, the good ones nearly always try to. After all why waste money in a studio recording something you know is crap and likely won’t sell. It must be a major drain on the profitability of a hit single when you waist similar amounts of studio time and the additional production costs for tracks that only a meth-addled A&R guy would think can get airplay or be marketable.

    I hope Jessica has great success with this not from any sense of revenge, but simply because when someone has worked that hard on their career you want to see them succeed. She made some mistakes and paid for it personally and professionally the last two years. Hopefully she has success moving on.

  3. black soshi · · Reply

    There is crazy talk of her not performing on music shows. Talk of influence and subterfuge. Meanwhile sync-Fany is happening to satiate all drooling OT8 children. Taeyeon’s vocal is a snorefest. Yuri is modelling swimear, God only knows what Hyoyeon, Sooyoung, and Sunny are doing. Yoona is an international queen and Seohyun is probably the most appealing SNSD member left. Jessica is the reason SNSD is pretty lame now. Its because she’s not there. Taeyeon without her is not SNSD’s sound. Let’s get the band back together.
    As she is my ultimate bias I will do anything she says. Buy what she sells, laugh when she laughs….if SM blocks her then it will be a big problem for me as I obsessively stan Fx and Red Velvet too. Don’t ***k with me SM!

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